108 Ale House: “Kind of a Family Thing”

story by cindy burbage

photos by shelia scott

Comfort food traditionally is described as having a flair to produce nostalgic charm. It is prepared with ingredients such as hard work, great memories and most of all compassion for just great food. Nestled on Wisenbaker Road, just off Highway 21, is one of Rincon’s newest restaurants- 108 Ale House.

This establishment has been open for a little more than a year, however, New Jersey natives, sisters and owners Lizzie Keith and Kelly Douglas are no strangers to the restaurant business. Food and service have always been a major dynamic in their family. Their parents have owned and operated a few restaurants throughout the sisters growing up process. “Our Dad, Walter Keith, came back from out west for a quick little visit and was like hey let’s do it. I’m tired of seeing you guys do this for other people. You might as well do it for yourselves. So, he helped us get it started and stuck with us for a few months,” Kelly shared. “We still get a lot of help from our other sister, Kathleen Brian, Kelly’s husband, Jason Douglas, and our Mom, Patrica Keith,” Lizzie added.

The 108 Ale House menu gives their customers an array of appetizing dishes to choose from. From their hand patted Bangin Burgers and Specialty Burgers to their other mouthwatering sandwiches. The 108 sandwich is a popular local favorite version of the French Dip, and according to their menu: “Trust Me it’s Worth it!!!” Their Rueben, a family recipe, is a monstrosity of a sandwich. But choices do not stop there, they also offer quite a few different platters which include steak and seafood. And no meal is complete without a yummy dessert.

Like craft beer? No reason to travel to Pooler or Savanah, the 108 Ale House establishment offers an amazing selection of craft beer. “This was our main focus, we wanted to bring craft beer into Effingham County,” Lizzie admitted.  “We have a great happy hour”, Kelly offered. A few of the names include: Bold Rock Hard Cider, UFO White Wheat, Inshoreslam IPA, Hi-Wire Brown Ale, Pontoon No Pants Pilsner and Savannah Brown Ale.  Be sure to like their Facebook page for updates of their draft line up.

“We are just a small place with real food trying to keep it simple. We work hard and try to keep everyone happy”, Lizzie shares.

What is the secret to their success? 108 Ale House is a family style restaurant that has something to offer everyone. Yet, it is the behind the scenes actions that is the major contributor to this fantastic establishment. Lizzie and Kelly are hands on owners and are dedicated to all aspects of their business. “We have a really good staff that helps us out; I think because they see how hard we work,” Lizzie clarified. “We are always here, there is never a time one of us is not here,” she continued.

Over the past year, 108 Ale House has quickly become a household name. Within their short time of being open, they have been voted best burger and best wings in Effingham County; also have won the hearts and appetites of their patrons. This restaurant creates the atmosphere of home, with delightful aromas and tasty food.

Be sure to check out their daily specials which include oldies but goodies such as meatloaf and mashed potatoes, but also new favorites as a Fiesta burger that is snuggled in between two quesadillas with all the fixings.  “Fresh food, good portions, good price; it’s where you can go with friends or you can also bring your kids,” Lizzie explains. “We’re pretty serious about our food,” Kelly concluded.

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