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Why can’t I get healthy? 

     Your good health begins with you. You owe it to yourself to learn what good health is and what you can do to have it. When you are feeling less than healthy, the most important question you need to ask is why you have a health concern to begin with.

Most health problems begin with an underlying imbalance. Find the cause of the imbalance, address it, and you can restore your health. This mean bringing yourself back into the natural balance of the body known as homeostasis. Living in this balance provides you your birthright: the right to be healthy.

     Do you know that not all approaches to healthcare are the same? And that you don’t always have to wait until you have symptoms to know you have a health problem? Often, long before you develop symptoms, alternative healthcare professionals can detect an underlying imbalance and help return you to optimal health. With the aid of specific hands-on treatment and the use of nontoxic nutritional supplements that address the cause of the imbalance, they can keep the imbalance from leading to a serious problem—and do so without subjecting you to toxic medications or unnecessary surgery. A skilled alternative healthcare professional can also advise when surgery is your best option.

     When you go to your medical doctor, you encounter a completely different approach, the result of a different medical model. Instead of helping to prevent problems from occurring, medical doctors must wait until you are afflicted with full-blown symptoms before they treat you. Then and only then will you be examined, treated and possibly be given medications to treat your problem. You’ll likely go through a battery of tests to find out what is wrong with you, have to take prescription medications, and then deal with their multiple side effects—all without necessarily solving your health problem. In fact, the side effects of medication, including the dangerous interactions of different medications with each other, may prove to be worse than the original malady that brought you to your doctor. It’s currently estimated that as many as one in four medical conditions are caused by medical treatment.

In truth, what you are receiving should be called sickness care. It’s quite different from healthcare. Wouldn’t you rather find a gentler way to be healthy? There is another way.

     Real healthcare begins with understanding the underlying cause of a health imbalance, then working cooperatively with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Remember, it is natural for your body to seek a healthy state. If you cut yourself, without any help the cut will heal. If you catch a cold, after it cycles through your body, your body‘s natural immune system will fight off the virus and you will become well again. This is the natural course of events when it comes to health.

Tackling the underlying cause of your symptoms allows them to subside naturally, because the imbalance causing them has been properly addressed. Once addressed, the body can resume healing itself, unimpeded. It’s now possible to restore your health—even to free yourself from having to take prescription medications.

     As an alternative healthcare practitioner, it is my role to assist your body‘s natural ability to heal itself. This includes helping you to learn why you’re sick in the first place. Understanding the reason that any health imbalance occurs empowers you with understanding and knowledge, making you able to choose the best solution to turn your health around.

Dr. Richard Huntoon (Doc Rick)  is a chiropractor who practices holistic healthcare at Advanced Alternative Medicine Center located at 138 Canal Street, Suite 404, Building 400 in Pooler Park, Pooler, GA. With more than 30 years of experience, Doc Rick addresses health concerns from seven perspectives, including emotional, toxicity, nutritional, allergy/sensitivity, structural and physiological.

There are several ways to get the help you need: Call Doc Rick’s cellphone directly 845-561-2225 to learn what you can do for your health naturally. Or listen to his weekly radio show “When Your Health Matters” Saturdays from 9p-10p on WTKS-AM with a simulcast on the AM1290 and 97.7FM signal as well as on the iHeartRADIO App. If you want to learn about natural solutions to hundreds of health concerns before you call, visit Dr. Huntoon’s informative website: www.spineboy.com.

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