Traci Wells : Selling Effingham County Properties

Traci Wells

Selling Effingham County Properties

Traci Wells has enjoyed great success as a Realtor for over 15 years.  Therefore, it is no coincidence that when Traci made the decision five years ago to join a local firm with global exposure, she joined Cora Bett Thomas Realty.

     As a result of this successful partnership, Traci has been able to make a difference in the lives of her clients in Chatham, Bryan, Bulloch, Effingham and surrounding counties. Interestingly, a real source of pride for Traci is the company’s relocation and referral department.  She mentions, “We have a phenomenal relocation department.  We are contacted by potential clients from different parts of the world as well.”

     More importantly, when Traci meets with clients she is actively listening to their vision along with their needs and desires for their new home.  This intuitive approach, coupled with Traci’s vast experience, is the formula for success for her clients in finding and purchasing the house they will call home.

    Whether it is a couple purchasing their first home or a client who is selling their home to move on to a different chapter in their life, Traci is enthusiastic and passionate about her work.  Helping clients fulfill their dream remains the most rewarding aspect of her career and the biggest reason Traci continues to love what she does, each and every day.

     Traci and her husband, Andy, are natives of Bryan County and now reside in Effingham. However, banking was Traci’s initial profession, though real estate proved to be a better fit.  This financial experience compliments her real estate career.  Success in both of these complex fields require great attention to detail and an ability to understand and communicate with people from all walks of life.  Traci possesses that unique ability.

     She remarked, “Banking is a great background to have!  Once I entered into the world of real estate, I was intrigued as to “how and why” these processes work.  I have always wanted to know the nuts and bolts of everything”.   With Andy’s background as an independent construction contractor, this proved to be Traci’s greatest motivator and encourager as she began to move towards a career in real estate.  “He taught me the new construction background.  Working with and learning from Andy has proved to be invaluable.”

     Traci considers it a privilege to be a part of Cora Bett Thomas Realty, who has set an unparalleled standard in the local market.  Notably, Cora Bett Thomas Realty is not a franchise, but is indeed “globally networked just like a franchise.”  The benefits include a higher degree of capitalization on meeting customers’ needs and industry demands, as well as allowing the company to have a complete customer focus and client goal-orientation.

     She explains that though the company has an inception date of 1995, Cora Bett has been in real estate industry for much longer.  Cora Bett is an expert in the ins-and-outs of real estate, enabling her to develop and maintain an exclusive brand.   Cora Bett Thomas Realty is renowned for the firm’s downtown Savannah presence.  The addition of Traci to the office allows for the opportunity to respond to the market growth demands occurring on the outskirts of Savannah.  Traci is thrilled to be able to focus on the outlying counties.   She remains confident that the company can accommodate her clients’ needs while offering an unparalleled level of service.

     Traci is thankful to be a part of such a professional and supportive team.  She asserts, “we all support each other; we work hand-in-hand together.  The company provides us with all the necessary and most up-to-date tools to get our jobs done – and done well.”

     More importantly, the market is still climbing out of the slump caused by the 2008 crash, Traci feels that the market is on a course of steady incline.  She explains, “you do not want a rapid incline; you want a steady incline – that is what makes the economy turn.”  Furthermore, Traci is pleased with the course set by Cora Betty Thomas Realty.  She adds, “I feel that the company is going in the right direction for what the market and economy allow.”

     As a Realtor, Traci has many accomplishments.  She is a member of the Savannah Board of Realtors, the Georgia Association of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors, and has served on the Community Housing Committee for Pembroke for quite some time.  She was also named Cora Bett Thomas Realty’s 2016 Agent of the Year.   She does feel that working with an outstanding team of professionals and a company of unparalleled service while being able to fulfill dreams is her greatest success.

     In addition to her Realtor status, Traci has her Council of Residential Specialist (CRS) designation.  To obtain a CRS status, “Realtors must meet a number of stringent requirements that combine advanced hours of education and training, experience and demonstrated success in the marketplace.”  This certifies that the individual “has completed advanced professional training and demonstrated outstanding professional achievement in residential real estate.”  This small community of distinguished agents are among the top three percent of all Realtors in the United States.  Traci takes pride in her CRS designation, as it is an accolade that she takes tremendous pride in and feels it sets her apart from others in the industry.

     In her spare time, Traci enjoys spending time with her family and traveling with her husband.  They are both NASCAR enthusiasts, traveling to races whenever possible.

     Over the span of her career,Traci has employed many different methods of selling and marketing, learned endless new regulations, and scouted new markets.  She and Cora Bett Thomas Realty have set new standards as they continually strive for excellence in an ever-changing real estate world, filled with endless possibilities.

Johnny Coleman : 2017 All-Greater Savannah Softball Coach of the Year

Johnny Coleman

2017 All-Greater Savannah Softball Coach of the Year

story by Kelly Harley     photos by Shelia Scott

If you had to pick a coach, Johnny Coleman may be your first pick. The Effingham County-native is committed to teaching kids about sports, education and life lessons both on the field and in the classroom.

     Johnny is a special education teacher at Effingham County Middle School. He works with students with slight learning disabilities; students who need a little more support and attention. “It’s rewarding. The students I work with, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from anyone else,” says Johnny. “They have learning disabilities and, with a little extra help and time, they can be just as successful.”

     Johnny’s passion for teaching grew 20 years ago. He graduated from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia, with a degree in middle grades education and later earned a certification in special education. His career has led him to teach physical education, geography and at an alternative school for a few years. This is his second year as a special education teacher at Effingham County Middle School.

     The work that Johnny does in the classroom extends beyond the walls of the room. As sincere as his passion for teaching, so is his passion for coaching sports. Currently, Johnny serves as the coach for Effingham County High School’s girls’ fastpitch softball team and as the coach for Effingham County Middle School’s boys’ baseball team.

     “It’s always special to see young people put a lot of effort into something and be successful at it,” says Johnny. “Because I grew up here, I know the majority of the kids I coach; I’ve known most of them since they were born.” Johnny also has the privilege of coaching his own children. His daughter plays for the girls’ fastpitch softball team and his son for the boys’ baseball team.    “Seeing them and their friends doing well, has been really enjoyable. Being around your kids more, it’s just very special. A lot of coaches don’t have that luxury,” says Johnny.

     When asked about his coaching style, Johnny says he doesn’t like to yell or scream at the kids. He takes more of a competitive approach and it’s an approach that doesn’t mean just beating the other team. “We try to have a competitive atmosphere. I want the kids to just be better than they were the day before,” says Johnny. “These kids are going to have to compete for jobs and everything else one day. I try to stay as positive as possible and help them learn and not be scared to mess up.”

     Johnny says his favorite part of coaching is seeing the kids put in the effort. He says they put in so much work on top of everything else they have to do, it’s impressive to watch them. “When they win or do something better than they did before, that’s what I enjoy. When they succeed, it means a lot,” says Johnny. “As a coach, I just try to give them the information the best ways that I can to get them better physically and mentally and hope they take it the rest of the way.”

     In 2017, his girls’ fast pitch softball team made it to the playoffs. The final eight teams – also known as the Elite 8 – played a tournament in Columbus, Georgia. While the team didn’t win the championship, Johnny says they played really well and that’s what matters. That same year, Johnny was named the 2017 All-Greater Savannah Softball Coach of the Year by the Savannah Morning News. “It was very unexpected. Last year was the first year I had coached the softball team there. We had a good program in place, talented girls and outstanding assistant coaches,” says Johnny.

     Since a young age, Johnny has been drawn to sports. He grew up in Meldrim, Georgia, and his first childhood memories were at the Meldrim ballpark. His mom played softball and his grandfather and uncle coached softball teams. Johnny started playing T-ball in kindergarten and football in second grade. He played recreation ball growing up and played baseball and football all four years while he attended Effingham County High School.

     “High school football was huge when I was in high school. There was only one high school and the whole county was behind us. It was a great atmosphere then,” says Johnny.

     Despite his love of sports, his parents always made sure he kept his grades up. If you didn’t have good grades or got into trouble, you couldn’t play. Johnny says that really helped him realize the importance of having an education and being skilled in sports.

     He says his mom always made sure he did the right thing and carried himself the right way, and his dad made sure he was doing everything right on the football field. He says the support of his family was instrumental in his success. He also credits his success to playing under really good coaches. He played for football coach Bob Griffith and baseball coach Jim Simmons; Simmons still coaches in Statesboro. “They really helped me to learn a lot when I was fresh out of college and they had a big influence on me,” says Johnny.

     It’s those same ethics Johnny is now passing on to those he coaches. He requires them to keep their grades up, to do the right thing and to work as hard as they can. “I try to be open-minded. The older I get, the more I am open to new things. I research as much as I can,” says Johnny.

     He wants his players to know that just because you’ve done something all these years, doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to do it a little better.

Wiley’s Home Center

Business as Usual at Wiley’s Home Center

Effingham County is experiencing more new construction now than we have seen since 2008. The market is good.  And, the change in the market is a blessing to many.

     As the real estate market affects many businesses in our community, it has a major effect on the furniture business.  New houses are sure to equal new furniture, and the people of Wiley’s have seen the impact.

     Although Wiley’s has been a well-known name in our community for over 31 years, the amount of new clientele has increased dramatically over the last several months. “New people are walking in our store daily and being pleasantly surprised at the selection and quality we have to offer,” Says Detra Thomas, CEO of Wiley’s Home Center.

     Wiley’s is experiencing a more frequent turnover of inventory due to the residential growth. Detra adds, “You can walk in our showroom on a weekly basis and see something different.  We are constantly getting in new shipments and changing our displays.”

      “We are happy to welcome the new people into our community. It is very refreshing to see new faces walking through our doors, but just as equally rewarding to grab a hug or a kiss from those who have been loyal to us for many years.  We are all a big happy family,” adds Detra.

     And, family is important to this local business. It has been family owned and operated since inception. In April 1987, Wiley and Rosalyn Thomas opened the doors and welcomed the people of Effingham County and nearby communities in. Their daughter, Detra, joined a year later.

      When you walk in the door at Wiley’s, you immediately see a vast display of furnishings.  Most furnishing are set in a “room” atmosphere, giving you an idea of what it will look like in your home.

     Don’t forget about the 35,000 square foot warehouse, full of additional inventory. Wiley’s carries over 150 brands of furniture, appliances, bedding and floor coverings, there is something for every taste.

At Wiley’s Home Center, they understand the importance of great customer service and do not underestimate the power of trust and loyalty.  Whether you are a new customer or a repeat one, you will be treated like family.  Wiley’s Home Center is proud to serve their customers with integrity, honesty, and customer satisfaction

      When you come to Wiley’s you are always greeted with a friendly, smiling face. “We often hear customers say that there is not a store like this anywhere in the area that carries the quality of furniture for the price,” Detra states. “Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and same day delivery.”

     So, if you are looking for quality furniture at a reputable store, look no further. Wiley’s Home Center is the expert at “Helping to Make Your House a Home.”

New Life…New Owner Dawn Usher Takes The Reigns at New Life Flowers and Gifts

New Life…New Owner

Dawn Usher Takes The Reigns at New Life Flowers and Gifts

 It’s been business as usual at New Life Flowers and Gifts.  Not many people would even recognize any changes at all. But…there has been a big change…Stephanie Long has sold the business to long-time employee, Dawn Usher.

      “Dawn was the very first full-time employee I ever hired. She had been with me, off and on, for the past 28 years. She and I have seen a lot of changes together, and I am happy to see her moving forward with the business. The reigns are now in her hands and I wish her the very best,” states Stephanie.

      Dawn started in this industry in May of 1979 at Flowers-n-Things in Rincon.  They are no longer in business.  With a total of 39 years in the industry, her talent in floral design has just continued to grow.

      “This has been a life-long dream.  I have always wanted to own my own flower shop,” Dawn says.

      For the past several years, Stephanie has thought of selling the shop.  But, as they say, timing is everything.  So, when she was ready, she approached Dawn with her idea.

      “I had no idea if I could pull it off, but I asked her to give me a number. We were able to work it out, and here I am,” says Dawn of her recent purchase.

      The actual change of ownership happened on January 1 of this year.  Yes, it has been four months now, and the shop is running full steam ahead.  “We have been extremely busy since the change, work has been very steady,” adds Dawn.

      Dawn wants all her customers to know that New Life Flowers and Gifts still offers the same great products and services as always. Fresh flowers bring new life and energy to any space. So, always think of them when it’s time for a new arrangement for any occasion.

      New Life Flowers and Gifts is not just a florist.  It is a gift shop stocking all the latest and best gift items, and they carry unique items to decorate any room in your home.

      Dawn is proud to carry on the tradition of New Life…being the florist and gift shop that makes the ordinary, extraordinary.

     So, stop by and congratulate Dawn on her new venture.  She and her staff will continue to give you the “little extra” that helps set them apart.

Habitat for Humanity of Effingham County Making the Dream of Home Ownership a Reality

Habitat for Humanity
of Effingham County 

Making the Dream of Home Ownership a Reality

story by Kathryn Vandenhouten      photos by Shelia Scott

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization founded on the conviction that everyone deserves a decent place to live. Its mission is a simple one: Seeking to put God’s love into action to bring people together to build homes, communities, and hope.

     Since 1995, Habitat for Humanity of Effingham County has been working to achieve that mission by advocating for fair housing policies, constructing homes, and providing training and resources to help local families improve their living conditions. So far, they have helped twenty families build homes in Effingham, and they hope to keep adding families every year.

     Jimmy Rutland has been involved with the organization since 2004. He started as a volunteer, and the more he became involved, the more passionate he became about helping the community. Now he is the Executive Director, and he works for Habitat for Humanity full time.

     In addition to being a standard non profit, Habitat is essentially a construction company, mortgage originator and retail operation as well. “Habitat of Effingham is multi-faceted,” Rutland explains. Unlike other mortgage companies, Habitat works closely with families to maintain their debt to income ratio and to not only get them into homes, but to keep them there.

     “We’re taking people off the streets,” says Rutland. “And it’s keeping their debt to income ratio less than 43 per cent. Their total housing is only 30 per cent, including their taxes, so that’s a game changer for somebody.”

     Jim Presnell is also on the board of directors for Habitat for Humanity. As a real estate agent and contractor, he literally lays the foundation for these homes. He has volunteered hundreds of hours on multiple homes, but says helping a child get into a good home is always worth it.

     “Habitat for Humanity builds homes for families. Families have kids. Kids are what make the world go ‘round,” says Presnell.  “That’s what the bottom line is for me.”

     Presnell also dispels the common misconception that Habitat families get homes for free. “The misnomer is that we build houses and give them to folks,” he says. That is not the case. “They purchase the home just like everyone else. They have a mortgage, and they also have to put in what we call sweat equity. They have to put time into building the homes with us,” Presnell adds.

     Habitat families do not need a handout; they just need a helping hand. They pay a mortgage like anyone else would, except their lender is Habitat for Humanity, and their cost is more manageable.

     Most banks won’t give someone a home loan if they haven’t maintained the same type of  job for two years, for instance. Habitat focuses less on the type of job and more on the fact that someone has kept steady work.

     Another major difference is that Effingham’s Habitat for Humanity doesn’t just build homes, they build lifelong relationships with the families. Wilhelmina Roberson can attest to that.

     She moved into her new home in December with her three children, the oldest of whom has Down Syndrome. She is grateful for Habitat and for Mr. Rutland and Mr. Presnell for their continued friendship and support. “They’re great people. I love them,” she says. “I can’t say enough, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

     Roberson calls her new home a blessing, and she knows she has a support system in Rutland, Presnell and all of the Habitat crew. “I can call them any time I need to if I need anything,” she adds. “They’re still involved. If I have any problems, they don’t hesitate.”

     Brittney Roper is another community member who can say that Habitat for Humanity has changed her life. She moved into her mother’s Habitat home when she was seventeen, and now she is getting a home of her own.

     Her new home is currently under construction, and she can’t say enough about Habitat for Humanity of Effingham. “It’s amazing,” she says. “I never thought I would be a homeowner at this age.”

     She says raising the first wall of her home was one of happiest moments of her life. “I smiled ear to ear for like thirty minutes,” she says. “I was full of emotions at the time. It was happy, and I felt like tearing up. I was just overjoyed.” For her and her two small children, this home is not just shelter, but security.

     She also says that Rutland and Presnell are not just workers for Habitat, but family. Habitat has made such a difference in her life that she plans to keep working for them long after her home is built.

     “It’s a great experience and feeling to know that you’re helping someone else in the same situation you were in,” says Roper. “I’m going to continue volunteering. Helping is a really good feeling.”

     Both Jimmy Rutland and Jim Presnell agree.  “It’s good for the heart-period. Physically. Emotionally. Mentally,” Presnell says. “Habitat does the body good.”

     One of Rutland’s most memorable moments occurred recently upon a home’s completion: “Her son came up to her and asked, ‘When are we going to have to move again?’ and she got to tell him, “This is ours. We don’t have to move any more.’”

     Stories like these abound from Habitat for Humanity, and hopefully they will continue to bless area families with homes every year. Their goal is to build at least one home each year, but they need the support of the community to do so.

     Whether it be donations of money, property, supplies or labor, any help will make a difference. Habitat Restore, located at 3065 Highway 21 in Rincon, is a retail sales and donation center whose proceeds go back into helping the community.

     The ReStore is always accepting donations of used furniture, appliances, building materials and other home goods, in addition to monetary donations. No donation is too small to make a big difference.

     For those who can’t make donations, volunteers are always needed. “We save almost half the cost of a house in labor,” says Rutland. No experience is required. “All you need to know is which way to hold a hammer and how to hold up a two by four,” he adds.

     Both Jimmy Rutland and Jim Presnell want the people of Effingham to realize that Habitat of Humanity doesn’t just help families, it helps the entire community. If they take an empty or abandoned lot and build a new home, the city gets taxes and the property value for nearby homes is usually increased as well. The entire community benefits.

     Effingham’s Habitat for Humanity is changing lives in our community. With continued local support, donations, and volunteers, they will continue helping area families by making the dream of affordable housing a reality.

     For more information on Habitat for Humanity of Effingham County, visit habitatec.org.

B & M Pool, Spa & Patio

Let B & M Pool Spa & Patio Create Your Vacation At Home

A backyard swimming pool is the perfect place to spend long summer days. Whether you want a large pool for afternoons of family fun, a uniquely shaped pool to blend in as a centerpiece within your backyard landscaping, or a simple pool for exercising or relaxing, B & M Pool, Spa & Patio can create a beautiful backyard water environment tailored to fulfill your dreams and stay within your budget.

     B & M Pools is ready for summer!  They are your complete backyard resource, specializing in in-ground vinyl liner and leisure pools and Doughboy above ground pools and Marquis Spas. They have everything it takes to turn your backyard into a summer oasis.

     And, what backyard would be complete without a grill?  There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned cookout! B & M Pools is a proud carrier of Holland Grills and they are your local retailer of the Big Green Egg.

     Searching for stress relief? You just found it! B & M carries the Marquis Spa line.  These spas provide you with the ability to relax and unwind after a long day. They are available in a variety of styles and colors to suit your needs, each of these models is suitable for your family’s enjoyment. Their creative and innovative designs that provide you the ultimate soaking experience, cost less to operate, and require the least amount of maintenance.

      Marquis also offers swim spas. The  Aquatic Training Vessel will elevate your swim spa experience. Marquis has focused on power and hydrodynamic flow to give you the ability to control the flow and adapt it to your fitness level and goals. The ATV will help you optimize your swim training, fitness, health, and wellness.

     B & M Pools also service your existing pool with renovations, liner replacements, repairs and part replacements. They stock a full product line for pool and spa maintenance, along with some very cool and unique accessories.

     B & M has everything you need to have a summer vacation…at home…in your own backyard.  Go see them today and transform your yard into fun in the sun!

Vicki and Kevin Edwards : Building Relationships One Rock At A Time

Vicki and Kevin Edwards

Building Relationships One Rock At A Time

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single minute before starting to improve the world.”

                             ~Anne Frank

story by Katrice Williams     photos by Tonya Perry

Vicki Edwards has long appreciated the difference that a happy, healthy community can make. For some time now, she has strived to bring her community together through “friendship and fun.”  In fact, her warmth, creativity and love for community is exemplified by the efforts and initiatives that she implores through her local business, Effingham Rocks, a rock group that she started over a year ago.

     Vicki states, “It’s all about bringing the community together—to build relationships one rock at a time.”

      Actually, Vicki has been in Effingham for about two years after moving from her hometown, North Augusta, South Carolina. Vicki and her husband, Kevin, have four adult children and one little grandbaby on the way. Though Kevin admits that Effingham Rocks is Vicki’s “baby” he has played a tremendously instrumental role since its inception. Vicki’s inspiration for her rock group, the first in Effingham, actually came from her hometown, as she was a member of a local group there. Hence, she was able to experience all the fun and benefits firsthand.

     What’s more, the rock “painting…hiding…finding” phenomenon has become an enormously popular pastime, as it is “going on all across the U.S. and some other countries.” Vicki and Kevin are confident that the group is fun for all ages, adults and children alike.

     Kevin remarks, “Individuals can range from a two-year-old that just paints colors on a rock to the best of artists that have put a lot of detail into it.”

     Some people regard the idea as the most massive and ongoing Easter egg hunt of all time, only painting and hiding rocks instead of eggs. Individuals are able to register to join the group via Effingham Rocks’ Facebook page. Members can purchase rocks from various venues; Lowe’s is often a popular choice. Afterwards, they have the opportunity to paint their rocks as they please and at their leisure. “Acrylic paints and paint pens work best;” using a paint sealer is recommended, so that the rocks are not affected by normal weathering.  n

     Everyone is an artist, so there is no skillset that is too minimal. Then, they can cleverly hide them outdoors, nearly anywhere and everywhere. Popular hiding places are parks, churches, historical landmarks and businesses. Some have been found at Walmart, Kroger, dental offices, in the Lowe’s garden center and at the YMCA. Indoor hiding is not usually encouraged, except with the approval of the venue’s management.

     Vicki says, “You can just stumble across them all over the community.”

     Also, members are encouraged to “hide and seek” in safe areas; this discourages activity in very high places, brushes (unseen reptiles may be present), places that may not be easily assessible or those that may be physically challenging. Participants may choose to leave helpful hints for seekers on the Effingham Rocks’ Facebook page. Further, those who find and take a rock are expected to hide another painted one to make up for the one they acquire. This allows the amount of rocks to remain plentiful for members so that the cycle can go on.

     Vicki comments, “That’s the whole cycle of it…paint, hide, find, repeat.” Participants “may opt to keep what they have found, leave it or relocate it somewhere else.” Vicki and Kevin ask that members place the group name with the Facebook symbol on the back of their rocks. They, too, ask that individuals take pictures of their rocks and post them on the group page to share with others.

     Kevin says, “You might see one sitting on a lamp post at the grocery store; you just pick it up and take your picture. You can keep it or re-hide it.”

     Individuals are not limited to hiding rocks in Effingham but can take them on most any excursion. The couple has been astonished to look on the Facebook page and see the Effingham Rocks symbol on various rocks that have been taken to different places, whether to other states or countries like Germany.

      “It’s really neat to see where some of these rocks go,” Kevin stated.

     Vicki definitely wants it to be tons of pure fun for the entire family and “takes a Christian approach” to handling their business.  That said, there is no tolerance for “negative talk on the website.” Advertising is also not permitted. For safety reasons, a brief questionnaire must be completed by prospective members, which allows Vicki and Kevin to better understand individual motivations for joining, noting any “questionable people.”

     “We are listed as a closed group; that’s just strictly to keep our families and friends safe.

     This is family-oriented. This is straight-up fun for the family,” Vicki insists.

     Vicki and Kevin certainly get in on the action, too. They enjoy painting their own creative pictures on each rock. Vicki feels that Kevin is “very artistic” and much more of an artist than he knows, as he shows a rock adorned with a beautiful waterfall that he painted.

     “We hide rocks; we find rocks, just like everybody else. We actually bump into other people outside doing it, and it’s so much fun. This is a big thing. We love it. The parents and kids—they love it,” Vicki said.

     Vicki likes seeing that kind of happiness coming from all around the community, parents and kids alike. She is proud to contribute to that joy. She loves when parents post a picture of their kids on the Facebook page smiling from ear-to-ear holding a rock. Vicki even recalls being messaged by a lady that told her of how the rock that she found, with a special picture on it, really “made her day.” She also mentions a member taking one with her to a nursing home to share with a patient.

     Vicki adds, “It’s making a difference in the community…that’s really big with me.”

Through Effingham Rocks, Vicki and Kevin also support various local, noteworthy charities and fundraisers. They were recently asked to paint some rocks for some of their group members to take to the veteran’s hospital in Augusta, Georgia.

“We love to see them travel,” Vicki stated.

     Vicki welcomes the support of local businesses, as everyone can play a part. One of her biggest goals is to see the group grow and see participation from neighboring counties. She is also looking forward to the group’s next big “rock swap,” which is basically one big, centralized rock jamboree for members of her group. Parents and kids are able to come together to paint rocks and do some hiding and finding outside on a nice day. Various tables with rocks, paints and supplies are provided free of charge at the events for adults and kids to paint as they like. They also ask for others to bring their own special painted rocks to trade at the event with other rock painters, if they wish. Great snacks are provided as well. Yes, there is food…folks….and fun. Vicki aspires to have one or two each year. New Providence Baptist Church, where Vick works, kindly provided the location for the last rock swap, and it was a great success.

     In her spare time, Vicki loves to spend time with her pets. She has four dogs and is anxiously awaiting some chickens. Kevin jokes and says that she is about to have a little “micro-farm,” as she already has a garden, fish pond and coop for her new chickens. Vicki, too, loves to do antique and vintage furniture shopping; she really likes painting the furniture she attains.

     On the other hand, Kevin has participated in tournament fishing, specifically kayak tournaments, for some time now. At times, when he fishes at his leisure, Vicki gets out on the water with him. The couple loves spending time together and with family.

     Vicki does aspire to paint the world kind one rock at a time and is definitely doing just that with Effingham Rocks. Alongside her husband Kevin, she persists to make the difference that is needed in the world, one community at a time. In her own words, “It’s about fun, family and friendship.”

Sue Anderson of Coldwell Banker Intercoastal Realty Receives Top Honors

Leading the way in Effingham County

Sue Anderson of Coldwell Banker Intercoastal Realty Receives Top Honors

Selling real estate is more than just getting listings and buyers. It is helping people find their dream home and making it a smooth and pleasant transaction.

     Local Realtor, Sue Anderson. has been helping families find their dream homes for almost 35 years. She has earned both local and national recognition as one of the top Real Estate agents in her field. She has been awarded Agent of the Year at Coldwell Banker Intercoastal Realty every year since 2011.

     And, 2017 was no different. Not only has Sue Anderson been named 2017 Agent of the Year again in our local office, she has also been awarded the number three spot in the state of Georgia for Coldwell Banker.

     “When we had our awards banquet, I was in shock.  I had no idea I was ranked number three in the state.  I just don’t keep up with that sort of thing.  It’s not about the number of houses, it’s about the people you help along the way,” stated Sue of her recent accomplishments.

     “She’s an amazing Realtor and person” says Carmen Cribbs, Broker for Coldwell Banker Intercoastal Realty. “She is one of the most modest and kind people that you will ever meet. She is committed to her customers and clients and wants to provide the highest quality of service to them.  I am so very proud to be associated with her and have her as part of our Coldwell Banker family.”

     Sue contributes her years of success and longevity to integrity, old fashioned hard work and strong negotiating skills. Her career in real estate centers on providing quality service to her clients.

     Specializing in Southeast Georgia, Sue markets both resale and new construction. Sue’s clients remain loyal with referrals being a big part of her business. She also has a passion for decorating, which enables her to assist sellers with getting their homes in “show condition” for buyers.

     “Effingham County offers an excellent inventory of homes for sale, with home options ranging from new homes to re-sales in all price ranges. With the incredible access to the internet, the way buyers shop for real estate has changed significantly over the past several years.  I listen carefully to my clients and identify their real estate needs,” says Sue

     Sue also started doing some rental management about two years ago. At that time, she hired an assistant, Steve Ellis, that she can’t say enough good things about.  “Steve is excellent. He has grown so much in knowledge over the past couple of years. There is no way I could do all that I do without him. Not only does he list and sell as well, he is amazing in the rental part of my business,” Sue adds.

     Brandi Talton, owner of Coldwell Banker Intercoastal Realty, says, “I am so proud of Sue and all her accomplishments. She is definitely a leader and mentor to many of our agents. She, along with each of our other agents and staff members, help to make us the company we are today. I could not be any prouder of  our team.”

      Sue has one daughter, Danielle Young, who graduated from the Medical College of Georgia. Danielle is currently in her first year of residency in Pediatrics at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville.  Danielle’s husband, Porter, is in his second year of residency as an Orthopedic Surgeon at Shands Hospital, also in Jacksonville.

     In Sue’s downtime, she enjoys going to estate sales, and spending time at her home away from home, St. Simons Island.

     If you are looking for an agent, and want one of the best, Call Sue Anderson.  Her detail to professionalism and her commitment to service is sure to make Sue the agent you are looking for.

DiAnna Jenkins and Kimberly Stalnaker

DiAnna Jenkins and Kimberly Stalnaker make up a dynamic real estate team. These ladies are both licensed with Coldwell Banker Intercoastal Realty in Rincon.

     They are only a “team” in the name of real estate, but they don’t call themselves a team. They are equal partners. And, this partnership gives their clients a phenomenal “two for one” deal.

     Recently, these ladies have become affiliates with the “Homes For Heroes” program. Homes for Heroes’ mission is to provide savings to heroes who provide services to our nation and its communities. Heroes include: firefighters, law enforcement, military (active, reserves and veterans), healthcare workers, EMS and teachers. Participating sellers receive reduced listing commissions and participating buyers will receive a check about two weeks after their closing in appreciation for their service. The amount of reward is based on the sales price of the home.

     Both Kim and DiAnna are very excited about their new affiliation with this program. “It is a wonderful way for us to serve our community. We have helped so many military families and law enforcement find their dream homes. Now, we can do this as a way of giving back to those who serve us,” states DiAnna.

     “My dad was a proud veteran. He served in both the Marines and the Army. In this last election, my father had me get him an absentee ballot, so he could fill it out from his death bed. He felt it was that important to vote,” says Kim, “He died five days before the presidential election, but his vote was in.”

     Kim and DiAnna both live in Effingham County. They have both been licensed since 2003. DiAnna states, we are licensed to sell all over the state, but Effingham is the area we love.”

     These ladies start every day with prayer together. They pray for their buyers and sellers, and for their families and friends. Kim says, “We feel this is important to us. It is first and foremost that we give thanks to God for our business.”

     If you are looking to buy or sell, give this team…no…give this partnership a call. From backroads to beaches, and everywhere in between, DiAnna and Kim will get you home!