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creativedesigns by Gina

Story by Stephanie Cardozo

My goal is to be a one-stop shop for businesses.”

     Raised in Effingham, Gina Brown is a mother of two boys and is growing her business right from her very home. She aims for excellence with her graphic designs. “I can make anything you need.” She designs everything from websites, decals, t-shirts and much more!

     This humble, hard working mother, began freelancing before she started her business. “I started to get so many compliments and I just fell in love with it,” she expressed, going back to the moment that brightened the creative light inside of her. Gina explained that going full-time with CREATIVEDesigns proved to be much more difficult than she imagined but she knew it was what she was meant to do. So she worked harder for what she felt passionate about. “It started by just doing it here and there, now it’s full time and I love it,” she said with a smile in her voice.

     How do you manage working from home and taking care of two boys?

     “My boys are older so they get it. They help me some, here and there. My youngest is very creative. He likes to see what his mama is doing. But once they go off to school in the morning, I sit at my desk and I start working and about the time they get home, I shut everything down and that’s family time.” Gina is sure to stay organized with keeping her business and family separate, proving that moms can run a business and still have time for the kids.

“Part of the reason why I wanted to do this full-time is because I wanted to spend time with my kids. Working full-time where I was working—I was not able to do that. I worked all the time, now I’m able to make my own schedule and if I need time off, I can allow myself that time,” adds Gina.

     Gina says she enjoys creating logos for her clients the most because it allows her the opportunity to bring their vision for their business to life. “Logos are my favorite to do, I like to get into my client’s head and see what they envision for their business. Your logo is your staple.  My job is to bring that vision to life for my clients.

     Big moves were made when Gina and her family moved from Richmond Hill back to Effingham. When asked about the change, she simply answered, “I grew up in Effingham. It was nice to get away but Effingham is home,” she expressed with joy.

     Setting goals for more success

     Gina has been working hard from her home office and is looking to open a store where she will have the tools to create bigger jobs for her clients. She is hopeful that this will be soon, as her business proves to be a success with loyal customers returning for professional designs.

     Potential clients are encouraged to head over to Gina’s website, https://creativedesignsbygina.wordpress.com, where you will find details on her creations such as, product designs, graphic designs and media maintenance. You can also follow Gina’s Facebook page for updates on her creations, www.facebook.com/CREATIVEDesigns.bygina

     Prices vary and are made to order. Gina takes a lot of pride in the quality of work she provides for her clients, and makes their needs and vision a priority.

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