Dynamic Designs…Innovative Ideas : Logan Youmans

story by Katrice Williams     photos by Tonya Perry

Logan Youmans is a 14-year-old upcoming freshman at South Effingham High School and the proud owner of his own apparel company, River Bank Apparel. Interestingly enough, the young man started River Bank two years ago while he was only 12 years old. Logan has specialized in the creative designs of an impressive array of hats since his company’s inception. Since, he has also added t-shirts to his product line, normally matching the logos of his hats.

     Logan has long been quite the hat connoisseur, loving to wear one every chance he gets.  In fact, that was the primary inspiration for his company, as his parents often joked with him saying that “he may need a job to pay for all of his hats.” Hence, Logan decided to put real action behind those words.

     At the time, the young, driven entrepreneur decided to responsibly use all of his birthday money to buy a supply of hats. Logan, who has always liked to draw, let his creative juices flow. He is very tech-savvy and has certainly used his skill to his advantage, as he creates all of his designs on his personal computer prior to sending it in for the creation of the final product. Logan is also very grateful for all of the assistance and efforts of Peachy Tees, the company that diligently works hand-in-hand with him to produce the finished product.

     “I design it all on my computer, then send it in to Peachy Tees in Springfield. They digitalize it all and send the hats off to the hat company to be stitched,” Logan explains.

     Most of Logan’s primary market are “younger males.” In addition to advertising on his Facebook Page, knowledge of his company and products is usually simply word-of-mouth, which have proved to yield some great results for his business. That said, Logan’s brand is well-known amongst young people throughout much of the area. He also sells at various local festivals when possible.

     “Most of the people I sell them to just spread it on, and it reaches people,” Logan states.

     River Bank does yield a satisfying profit for the young man. Though he could use the money he makes on a ton of other things, Logan has the spirit of a true entrepreneur, choosing to put majority of the proceeds back into his business. He believes in what he is doing and certainly sees the growth potential.

     “If I stopped right now and sold everything, I’d have a pretty good profit, but I want to keep it going, so most of my money goes back into making more stuff,” he asserts.

     In addition, he has to properly manage his inventory, understanding that to be another key to running a successful business; he is very committed to ensuring that products are on-hand prior to design and readily available for customers when needed, as it normally takes about “three-four weeks to get in.”

     “It pretty much replenishes itself. If it gets low, we’ll order more,” Logan says. He keeps a limited stock, often revealing on FB how many he has available to order. Prior to ordering more, he projects the amount that would be best. For instance, if he is planning for a large-scale event like a festival, “he may place a big order.”

     Logan has definitely proven that he has quite a notable work ethic. He is confident that the business is benefiting him as well.

     “It gives me responsibility and determination. I have to keep up with it. I have to sell more to get more. If I want to make this bigger, I have to go out and work for it,” he says.

      Logan’s mom Jennifer is sure that “it has given him financial responsibility, time management responsibility and given him valuable experience.” Along with all of this comes a great amount of pride and accomplishment. More so, Logan enjoys seeing others happy with what he has done.

     “I like seeing people wearing my stuff and knowing I did it,” he reveals. Jennifer agrees that Logan feels really good about his products and gets excited when he has the opportunity to see anyone wearing any of his designed apparel.

     “He’ll walk past people and say ‘that’s my hat they’re wearing,’” she laughs and says.

     Logan surely has set some great goals for himself and his company. Though now he enjoys what he does so much that he often considers it a pastime, he aspires to “expand and eventually get into a bigger market.” Logan, who plans to go into the logistics and distribution pathway upon starting high school, feels that growing River Bank Apparel into a future business profession is a definite possibility.

     “Right now, it’s just a hobby, but I can see it going into a business career,” he says.

     Logan has an incredible amount of appreciation for his mom, who assists him with numerous business matters, whether helping him place and confirm orders or finding out about upcoming festivals. He, too, is grateful for all the support he gets from his stepdad Will Smith, dad Ryan White and step-brother Zach Smith. In fact, Zach has often spread the word about River Bank Apparel amongst friends and acquaintances.

     “He has a bunch of that younger class,” Logan remarks. Logan, too, is thankful for all of the help given by Brittany and Amanda at Peachy Tees; he knows that the business relationship he has been privileged to build with the organization is priceless. Further, he feels that Johnny Zwemer, a family friend, has been an enormous asset to his business.

     “He has always promoted my stuff. Whenever I get a new product, he’s the first one to buy it and bring in new customers,” Logan states.

     In his spare time, Logan likes to go hunting and play baseball. Actually, he is a mentor for his little cousin’s baseball team. Logan also enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

     With an endless amount of potential, Logan Youmans already possesses the drive, determination and commitment matched by few his age. Only the best is yet to come for this young trailblazer.

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