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Georgia Forestry Mulching

Georgia Forestry Mulching is a Land Management Company owned and operated by Effingham County resident, Alice Hurst. The company was formed in 2016 but the learning and research of clearing land via the mulching process was started well before then. Alice and her husband Clint’s love for the outdoors and finding a way to provide people with an affordable way to enjoy their land is what prompted them to start researching the land clearing process of mulching in 2014.  Both Clint and Alice are land owners and natives of Effingham County and have one son, Carson.

Mulching is done by using a high powered machine equipped with rotational drum style cutters to grind vegetation into mulch without the need for additional machinery.  In other words, the machine drives around and eats trees and underbrush, selectively reducing unwanted vegetation and woody debris into a bed of nutritive, soil stabilizing mulch.  This process is not right for all land clearing needs but can meet the needs of small residential tracts of land from small lots .25 acres in size up to large tracts of land 100+ acres and everything in between.  We can transform underbrush, stumps and trees up to 8” in diameter into mulch with mobile machinery in a single step while strategically avoiding keeper trees and erosion problems.  We can also create trail systems to get around on large tracts or hunting land and help owners trying to sale land by cutting paths to provide potential buyers a way to see what the land has to offer without spending a fortune to have someone bring several pieces of equipment in to clear.
I enjoy seeing the aftermath of the mulching job and seeing the owners face when they see my operator make the first pass! It’s a fascinating machine and does an amazing job.  It’s more than just about the machine though.  I can run the Skid Steer myself with the bucket and grapple and love to get in it with Carson and piddle but the forestry cutter head is a whole different ballgame.  It’s no game!  It takes someone that knows how to work the cutter head to mulch down the trees and not just “knock” them down per say.  It’s definitely a gift and a skill that my operator, Jamie Aldrich has!  Jamie is a native of Brooklet and grew up operating a variety of equipment on his family farm.  He now works with me and he enjoys the work and meeting the people just as much as we do.
It’s a true blessing and joy to be able to meet different people and provide them with an affordable service to help them reclaim their overgrown property or just to help them clean up property to sale, farm or hunt.  We’ve cleared food plots, land for owners to sale, pine tree farms, residential lots for homeowners and contractors, commercial property for surveying and several other scenarios.  There is nothing like seeing the excitement of people when Jamie gets done!  He has people trying to tip him all the time and he doesn’t understand why!  I can tell you why…it’s hard to find people to do what they say they are going to do and together that is just what we do!

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