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Martin Construction

Local business that has over thirty years experience of helping to build dreams in Effingham.

Story By David Pena

Jesse Martin, owner of Martin Construction, has over thirty years experience in renovations, remodeling, additions, designing, and general repairs. Martin takes pride in the fact that he owns and operates a local business that has been honest, reliable, and fair to all his customers. “We would like to thank all our customers that have made our success possible,” says Jesse.

     His wife Cindy, who recently retired from pediatric nursing career after over thirty years in the profession, plans on joining her husband in the family business. They will continue to offer their customers the same quality workmanship that is expected from Martin Construction on each and every project. “We are extremely flexible with scheduling and work to meet all of our customers’ needs,” says Jesse. The Martins are also very proud of the superior customer service they’ve been able to give to each of their customers through the years. “Our customers appreciate dealing directly with us,” he adds, “because we are hands-on and stay focused on each job until it’s complete.”

     Cindy and Jesse hope to teach their grandchildren that commitment, reliability, and workmanship are necessary in order to be successful in any endeavor. God has blessed the Martin family and their business, and they hope to give some of that back to their community. Cindy says, “We plan to give our time and talents to the needs of the community as well as to worthwhile causes.”

     Please contact Jesse at (912) 429-5488 or Cindy at (912) 429-2120 for more information about Martin Construction Company or to schedule an appointment.

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