Meet Our Chamber Director : Brad Carr

Founded in 1986, the Effingham County Chamber of Commerce made a commitment to support its existing businesses and attract new enterprises to its thriving business climate. What began as a need to address individual concerns evolved into a well-rounded program.  As a team of well-rounded business and community leaders, the Chamber has the ability to accomplish what no one business owner can do alone.

      Effingham County continues to grow and the Effingham Chamber has been on the forefront of changes in the county.  The Chamber has continued to serve the community by providing leadership and forward thinking to the citizens and business of Effingham.

     When a new business opens their doors, the Chamber is there to lend support, provide helpful information and to help promote them in the community.  Our Chamber takes pride in getting to know each and every member. Now, we have a new man who is out knocking on those doors.

    Brad Carr took over as the Executive Director of the Effingham County Chamber of Commerce in June of this year.  Brad took over this position from Rick Lott, who retired earlier this year.

     Brad grew up in Woodstock, Georgia. He attended Georgia Southern University, receiving both a Bachelor and Master’s degree.

   Brad is now happy to be a part of all of Effingham’s communities. He has always enjoyed this area of the state. So, when the job for Executive Director of the Effingham Chamber of Commerce became available, he knew he had to pursue it. He shares, “I see Effingham as a great county with a rich history, and enormous potential for the future. I am happy to be here and be a part of that growth.”

     Before coming on board with the Chamber, Brad served with the Georgia Southern University Office of Alumni Relations since 2011. Prior to his work there, he was the Sequoyah District Executive in the Northwest Georgia Council Boy Scouts of America.

    Today’s Chamber consists of about 300 members from a wide variety of business types and sizes. Its 14 member Board of Directors represents all the businesses in our community with an eye on collective achievements and quality of life.

    Since taking this position, Brad has enjoyed being out in the community. “I have been working on meeting all of the members of the Chamber, and finding out what the Chamber can do for each one of them. I want to know what the business needs are in our county so I can better serve the people and help the Chamber continue to grow,” shares Brad.

    What began as a primarily rural county, Effingham County today is more of a mixture of country and city. We boast an exceptional educational system which has made new residents flock into our communities. With this residential growth, new businesses have arrived as well.

   This growth is the future of our county…and the future of our Chamber. Brad Carr sees that and wants to make sure the Chamber has everything needed to help our new businesses, as well as our long time existing members.

     Brad’s future goals for the Effingham Chamber of Commerce is to grow the business community throughout the county, so that all the businesses feel connected and support each other. He says, “We want the Chamber to be the place for business in Effingham County. From networking, to training on the latest business trends, the Chamber seeks to provide our membership with the very best resources for sustainability and growth.”

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