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NOVA MUSIC, formally known as Island Guitars

Miss Nova-Rae, a native of Jacksonville, Florida, has had a passion for music since she was a young girl. She started playing the drums and realized how much she truly loved it. Raised on southern rock music, she began taking music lessons at the age of six

     Nova played in a few rock bands growing up and shared this passion with her sister. She proved to be a master of many trades, as she took the stage playing both the drums and the guitar, as well as singing in several punk and rock bands.

     Nova’s family always owned businesses as she was growing up.  Their guidance and knowledge were instrumental in helping her open her own business.

     Nova could always be found doing her homework while sitting behind the cash register in the family business. Later, she would find herself working in this same spot.

      “I pretty much grew up behind the cash register after school. So I knew business was definitely in my future. It seemed so interesting. It just seemed right. By the time I was about thirteen or fourteen, I knew that I wanted to have a music store.”

Moving on to bigger and better things

      “I left high school and got my GED. I opened my store when I was eighteen here in Rincon. At that time, the store was named Island Guitars. It was scary, it was a lot of work but I had my family behind me, and a lot of mentors.  I learned really fast that it wasn’t rocket science,” she says jokingly.

     “I know some people probably didn’t think I was making a smart choice by leaving high school to open a business, but I was ready to start my career. And, since then, I have gone back to school and will soon complete my Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina-Beaufort.” She adds.

     “As long as you care and you follow the rules, do things according to the book—really care about what you are doing, then it’s not that hard,” she expresses.

     Nova proved that stepping into familiar tunes by owning her own business was the smart note to play. While she started at a young age, she powered through and has had continued success.

     What can customers and clients expect when walking into Nova Music?

     Nova Music is a musical instrument store that sells mostly used and vintage instruments. The store also facilitates music lessons on a number of instruments with professional instructors, at a fair price. These lessons are held right at the stores location in Rincon and run during after school hours.

     Nova’s extensive knowledge on instruments, music and running a business in every aspect, has ensured the success of her store. She explains that the music lessons are the most important part of the business. She says, “People come in and they see all of the guitars on the wall and all of the accessories, someone re-stringing a guitar, people buying stuff… but three quarters of our facility are lesson rooms. So we have on average anywhere from one-hundred to one-hundred and fifty students come in for their lessons once a week. It is huge! I’m so thankful that the community has supported us on that. Effingham needed a reputable place to bring their kids for music lessons, one that is organized. By bringing their kids here, they don’t have to worry about having to go in someone else’s home, or having someone come to theirs.”

      Parents can rest assured that Nova and her instructors will take good care of their children while providing professional music lessons. Take the hassle out of it, book your next lesson at Nova Music.

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