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Scott and Sons Trucking

Roger Scott lives in Rincon with his wife, Sonja, and three sons, RJ, Darius and Isaiah. There, he has built a lovely life for himself and his family. One filled with integrity, honor, hard work and generosity.

A Business Man From The Start

     Mr. Scott takes us back to his high school days when he was a master of the basketball courts. “I used to dunk basketballs,” he jokes, “I’m Dunkin Donuts now.”

     “I’ve always been an entrepreneur. It really started in high school. We had a fundraiser selling M & M’s so we could see the Atlanta Hawks play the LA Lakers. I sold all of my M & M’s. But the trip was going to be cancelled because not enough sales were made. So, I took everyone’s candy and sold theirs too. What kid wouldn’t want to go to an NBA game? I sold all of them and the coach told me I was an entrepreneur and that he saw me owning my own business one day. Coach’s brother bought a lot of jogging suits and asked me to sell them because I knew a lot of people. He gave me six and I sold them in an hour. He came back with a truck load and I sold some more,” he adds.

     It was a no brainer from that moment on, Roger knew how to sell. He knew how to make a profit. He started out owning a clothing store in Springfield after college. Sometime later, he opened a restaurant next door. Mr. Scott’s store and restaurant were very successful. However, the town went under some changes, causing him to move in other directions.

    He then opened a tire shop. After much thought and advice from a friend, Roger bought his first truck and later earned his first contract work. He then moved on to purchasing more trucks and hiring drivers. “Before I knew it, I had about eight or nine trucks. I realized there was a decision that had to be made.  I saw how well the trucking business had grown and I have been trucking ever since.

   Roger and Sonja started the Scott and Son’s Trucking together. Roger is the president and Sonja is the vice- President. Sonja handles the administrative side: contracts, payroll, communication with Georgia DOT and DBE.

   “After all the different businesses I’ve tried, I found my niche and this business has been my success… a success that would lead me into a great retirement,” adds Roger.

   The Scott’s three sons are a huge part of his inspiration.

    Roger enjoys the work and speaks of his business and employees with integrity and joy. Currently Dionne Jenkins is the dependable administrative assistant.  Roger and Sonja both know how blessed they are to have Jenkins on board for the past seven years.

Showing Appreciation And Gratitude By Giving Back

     Mr. Scott and his family host an annual Christmas party for his truckers, a thank you and a joy to share good times with his dedicated employees. “Many of our drivers and their wives rarely get at attend a semi- formal affair ….so we enjoy celebrating them during our Scott & Son’s Trucking ‘Christmas Gala,’” adds Scott, “The Lord keeps blessing me—the more I give, the more I receive….so we enjoy celebrating them during our Scott & Son’s Trucking “Christmas Gala.”

   Mr. Scott also holds a back-to-school rally. He gives back to the community and anyone in need of school supplies. Scott and Son’s Trucking has paved a way of success for Mr. Scott and his family, allowing him to live a life by design and give back ten-fold.

     Mr. Roger Scott would like to give a special thanks to his parents, grandfather and Douglas Smallwood, the man who talked him into purchasing his first dump truck. “We owe our start from supportive parents, friends and family. My wife believed in my dreams and has helped in every aspect of starting this company. I am a blessed man,” he adds.

Scott and Son’s Trucking provides hauling of a variety of building materials.  Some of their recent projects include Pooler Tanger Outlet, Backriver Bridge and warehouses along the 95 corridor. They work with private, state, and federally funded contracts.

They are proud to have have extremely dedicated customers who support their business.

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