Success Stories From CCDS In Our Community

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Jim Ford

Jim Ford, born and raised in Effingham, is a noteworthy part of the community. Jim has been a valued member of the Rincon Transmission team for over six years. He enjoys his job, and his co-workers appreciate his vibrant personality and incredible work ethic. Jim assists with maintenance of parts and has custodial responsibilities.

     Jim feels that the company is a second home, as the overall company environment seems very welcoming and personable.

     He insists, “I’d rather be here. I like the boss [Brad Young]. He’s really good; he’s real nice.”

     To add, Jim mentions that his favorite duty is working in the transmission rebuild room; he enjoys any part that he is able to contribute and learns a lot just from observing.

     Jim’s manager Brad speaks highly of him, especially regarding the hard worker that he is and the noticeable interest he takes in his job.

     Brad asserts, “Jim is awesome. He’s always on time and very dependable. Jim is very loyal. He has good family support, and that’s really helpful.”

     Noah, Brad’s son, has also spent a lot of time around Jim over the years and appreciates his professional contributions.

     He says, “He’s good with all the employees. He’s a hard worker.”

     Besides his job, Jim is very active in the community, with his favorite past-time being anything involving Rebels Football.

      Jim smiles and states, “I go to all the games; I like it.”

Actually, Coach Buddy Holder made Jim an assistant coach, and Jim loves to help out. Jim says that Coach Holder is one of his biggest mentors. Others include Effingham County Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie, brother-in-law Ryan Edwards and his friend Kyle Edwards. Additionally, Jim enjoys volunteering at his church, Clyo Methodist, especially for the church barbeques. He also supports the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a childhood cancer research foundation. Jim is happily looking forward to showing his support for the cause by shaving his head soon.

     Jim certainly enjoys independently earning his own money. He even mentions the fact that he is saving to buy a new 4-wheeler storage unit. Yes, he loves his 4-wheeler. What’s more, he knows that the independence that he is privileged to experience in his life is absolutely irreplaceable.

Karly Aligo

Karly Aligo, originally from New Jersey, has worked with Edwards Interiors in company care and maintenance for nearly one year and really likes her job.

     “So far, it’s good. All the people are very nice,” she stated.

     Karly, who loves to get the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible, is known to be very assertive and detail-oriented. She is very conscientious about the job that she does. As an employee, Karly holds herself to an incredibly high standard. More so, she enjoys the freedom and increased amount of self-sufficiency that working offers.

     In her spare moments, Karly loves to draw. She also likes to read, as she feels that it can greatly help with spelling and articulation; she enjoys that challenge.

     She states, “I like reading. I read to help me with spelling and pronunciation. I love to keep my brain active.”

     Laura Jackson is Karly’s supervisor and has truly wonderful things to say about her.

     Laura admits, “I love Karly. She’s very energetic. I’ve never seen someone as happy as her to be at work. She does everything you ask her to do. I tell everybody that Karly is one of the best people that I have ever worked with. She’s very detailed, and she doesn’t complain.”

     Blake Harnage, a manufacturing engineer, also sees the value that Karly adds to the company.

     “She’s exceptional. She comes in and does her job. She communicates with people right here on the floor, and she has a sense of humor. She’s charismatic and a pleasure to be around,” he states.

     Blake really appreciates what CCDC is doing, proving that disabilities are only abilities waiting to be successfully tapped into.

     “It’s very beneficial, not only for them, but for us also. I believe in CCDS 100%,” he mentions.

     Blake believes that individuals said to be developmentally disabled can “be productive members of society.” He adds, “They have just as much a right and chance to life as we do.”

     Regarding the career opportunity that Karly has well-embraced, Blake says, “I believe it can give everybody with disabilities inspiration, showing others, ‘if she can overcome and achieve all the things in the workforce with the disability she faces, so can I.’”

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