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Vapor City

By Stephanie Cardozo

     Robert Medrano is the owner of the Vapor City, LLC, and, he has had an extraordinary story that led him to starting this business.

   About four years ago, Robert was diagnosed with larynx cancer. The larynx is located in the neck.  This cancer is common among smokers. “I used to smoke a pack and a half to two packs of cigarettes a day. I went to the doctor and they found a tumor in my throat,” he explains.

    Naturally, he went on to have surgery to remove the tumor, and the doctors advised him to avoid smoking as much as he could. Robert’s search for alternative methods to quit smoking began. He then stumbled upon vaping, which has proven very successful for him in more ways than one. The passion of the vaping industry sparked a fire in Robert that pushed him towards more research, as well as, various conventions to further his knowledge. He met with distributors and vendors and decided to open Vapor City in April of 2015. This business is owned and ran by Robert and his family.

   “Thank God, I have been cancer free and smoke free for three years,” says Robert.

   “About a year ago, I started bringing in a product called CBD. It is an oil extracted from a hemp flower plant, a great product that is completely natural. It is legal in all states and does not contain THC,” he continues to explain the benefits of the oil and how it relieves inflammation, stress, anxiety, arthritis, muscle tension, insomnia, and PTSD amongst many others.

    Robert himself began using CBD two years ago. “I had three dislocated disks in my back. I used to get cortisone injections twice a year.” He has stopped the cortisone shots for a year and a half after vaping CBD. This all natural oil has helped relieve his pain as well as many of his customers.

     “We have expanded the selection of CBD milligrams, the higher the dosage, the better and faster it works,” Robert said. He also sells CBD is gummy and capsule form. Now, everyone has a different system on how they choose to use it. Robert would like potential customers to please take note that it does not contain any THC and it is made from the hemp flower.

    “In my personal opinion, vaping is a great alternative to smoking.” Robert encourages people to do the research before simply writing vaping off as an option to quit smoking. It has helped many people kick the habit and can help so many others.

    Robert and his family currently run three Vapor City stores.  Their locations are Springfield, Hinesville and Swainsboro.

    For more information and a closer look, please visit one of the Vapor City shops. Experience why they continue to grow and succeed in helping customers leave the nicotine addiction behind.

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