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Thompson Hardware, RooterMan Plumbers, and Thompson & Thompson Service Group

A Man Wearing Many Hats

Thompson Hardware, RooterMan Plumbers, and Thompson & Thompson Service Group all have one thing in common – Scott Thompson. Scott Thompson was born and raised in Pembroke, GA, and moved to Effingham County in 1998 to live with his great-uncle Corey Rahn, of Rahn’s Services. While working with his great-uncle, Scott quickly learned the value of hard work.

In 2004, at the age of 21, Scott started his first business called Scotty’ Pottys, a portable restroom rental company. From there, he went on to start RooterMan Plumbers in 2008. After serving the local communities through his businesses, he realized the continuous need for plumbing and other supplies through his own companies. Scott had purchased an old bank building to house his plumbing company and decided to open a hardware store in the same building to make ordering parts easier and more convenient. Thompson Hardware in downtown Guyton, GA then opened its doors to the community.

What Scott found on the other side of those doors was a need similar to his own from his community – a convenient place that not only offered the products they needed but would also offer a friendly helping hand. A beautiful component of Effingham County is how the people all work together and operate on personal connections. “It is a joy to serve in a community that always comes together in a time of need. No matter what the need is, there are always people willing to help. We band together and get the job done, and we have fun doing it,” says Scott.

At Thompson Hardware, you will find smiling faces, a warm welcome, friends and neighbors. “I love being able to interact with members of our community on a daily basis. The hardware store has allowed me to meet so many great people and build lasting relationships,” explains Scott. In addition to seeing Scott, you may also see his wife, Laura, and their three children as they all love to help out in the hardware store and various businesses.

Scott shared a fun fact about Thompson Hardware that makes them truly unique. “We are probably the only hardware store that has a bank vault and a chandelier,” jokes Scott. The vault and chandelier aren’t the only things that make Thompson Hardware unique. Their goal was to not only build a local business that provided what people need, but to also contribute to their local community.

They truly believe in getting to know their customers, their families, and getting involved in the local events that impact those families. According to Scott, customers at Thompson Hardware are “friends walking through the door, not just another sale.” They work closely with the Effingham Emergency Management Agency to assist in relief efforts after local disasters. “We try to give back whenever we can,” Scott explains. “We have a true passion for helping others.”

In addition to Thompson Hardware, Scott also owns and operates Thompson & Thompson Service Group and RooterMan Plumbers to provide Effingham County community with plumbing, septic, drain cleaning, and air conditioning services.

“We have numerous customers that come into the hardware store looking for supplies to fix their problem and end up calling one of our service companies to complete the repairs once they realize it’s more than they can handle,” explains Scott. Whatever your need, Scott and his team are here to help!

Visit your friends and neighbors at Thompson Hardware today at 109 West Central Blvd, Guyton, GA. Follow them on Facebook for the latest deals and information at or give Scott and his amazing team a call at 912-772-3028.