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Pizza Chef: Extraordinary Eats in Guyton

Story by Katrice Williams • Photos by Sheila Scott

Pizza Chef has been a familiar part of the Guyton community since 2002. Anton and Jessica Trifonov joined the team around that time and are currently the owners of the restaurant after purchasing it in 2005. Both Anton and Jessica have a valuable amount of restaurant management experience under their belt, much obtained prior to acquiring Pizza Chef. Anton is a native of Bulgaria, where he was in the restaurant business for many years. Jessica actually started restaurant management at age 16. The couple has two beautiful daughters: Rianna, 11, and Bianka, 9, who both have had a real fascination with the business for some time now. Jessica jokes about Rianna’s attentiveness to detail when she visits the establishment and is proud to assist in any way possible, even to the point of letting her dad know exactly “how to do” things.

Pizza Chef’s reputation precedes itself and is known throughout the community and surrounding counties.

“We definitely live on our reputation; our name is widespread. We’re coming up on our 17th anniversary. We’re very proud of that; a lot of businesses don’t make it that long,” Jessica said.

All products are made fresh and from scratch on a daily basis, including each drop of pizza sauce that tops each pizza.

“We try to be as authentic as possible; we strive to give the best food possible,” Jessica stated.

That said, each customer gets the privilege of enjoying a made-to-order dish each time they visit. The owners also pride themselves on incorporating a very welcoming, friendly and down-home type of atmosphere for their customers.

“There is more of a personal touch…a small, home-town feel,” Jessica added.

The menu varieties are delectable and filling, which include a host of specialty pizzas, all topped just the way each customer wants, barbecue (chopped pork and ribs), garden and chef salads, plain and specialty calzones, raviolis, garlic bread and cheese bread, meatballs, wings (hot, barbeque, teriyaki, honey mustard, lemon pepper, garlic Parmesan and plain), corndogs and various hot/cold sandwiches (ham & cheese, meatball, BLT, barbeque, honey mustard chicken, Parmesan chicken, and bacon-ranch-cheddar).

Meat entrees may be combined with sides for “plate” options, as side dishes may include: green beans, baked beans, cole slaw, homemade potato salad, corn-on-the-cobblet, Brunswick Stew or chips. All can be washed down with a cold soft drink, iced-tea or lemonade.

If customers desire a sweet treat to finish off their meal, a sweet chef roll, cheesecake and cheesecake rolls or fresh baked cookies are sure to do the job.

Jessica mentioned some of their dishes, specifically their cheesecake roll, which is relatively new. It is a “little Stromboli with cheesecake in the middle.” It has become a fan favorite and “has been selling like crazy.” Jessica feels that the calzones and salads are some of their most popular dishes.

“We’re known for our calzones. I’m very specific about how they’re made…not too small and not too sloppy. We’re known for salads, too; we sell a lot. They’re jam-packed full and look great,” she said.    As tasty as the dishes are at Pizza Chef, both Anton and Jessica take enormous pride in the fact that nothing on the menu is fried, so the food is not only good but healthier as well.

The restaurant has undergone several renovations over the past years. The couple was delighted that their space

doubled when they acquired the location next door. The decision was made after deciding to add a dine-in area to the restaurant for customer convenience, as the venue had originally been take-out and delivery. In addition, a game room was added this year for customer enjoyment; it has been a real hit with the kids. Whether having fun playing the oldie but goodie classics Ms. Pac-Man and Area 51, or even having a relaxing game of pool, customers can have more than just a great dining experience.

“We’re proud of our new game room. We’ve been wanting to do that for many years,” Jessica commented.

Anton and Jessica have even more in mind for their business. They want to continue expanding in order to add an outdoor patio on the back of the building. They are also looking forward to getting a food truck. Jessica knows that it will be a wonderful benefit to customers—those enjoying social events and various outings.

“We’re always trying to do something more,” Jessica said.

Anton and Jessica Trifonov truly desire for their business to continue to be a huge success. The couple refuses to sacrifice quality and are committed to continue to provide their customers with great food and service; they will not settle for anything less.


212 Central Blvd. Guyton, GA 31312 (912) 772-6287


Monday-Wednesday: 4 p.m.-10 p.m. Thursday: 12 p.m.-10 p.m. Friday-Saturday: 12 p.m.-11 p.m.

Sunday: Closed