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Sweet and Salty Snack Board

Ingredients Sweets:

Yogurt pretzels Candy gummy candy, chocolate, jelly beans, licorice Chocolate covered nuts Trail Mix Cookies Caramel corn Kettle corn Homemade treats cookies, blondies, brownies Fruit grapes, strawberries, berries, apple slices Dried fruit apricots, mango, cranberries, blueberries Salty: Potato chips assorted Chip dip Pretzels Cheese balls

Crackers assorted Peanut butter pretzels Mixed nuts Pita chips Hummus Popcorn Cheese a few varieties Salami Beef jerky Cut up vegetables



Arrange the sweet and salty snacks on a large board. If you don't have a large board, you can use a few platters and bowls. Set the sweet and salty spread out for your guests and let them enjoy! Note-the above items are just ideas. Get creative and incorporate your favorite sweet and salty snacks!


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