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Sometime in the next few weeks 60 to70 % of us will make a New Year’s resolution - and by mid-February 80% will have given up on those resolutions. Changing a habit is not for the faint of heart. Our habits are formed by what we think, and what we think repeatedly creates our beliefs. Beliefs and habits are the neuropathways our subconscious brain developed to ensure we survive. Our subconscious does not know if what we teach it is true. If you teach someone green is blue, they will fight to keep that belief. Many of us trained our subconscious to keep us safe in our childhood but now those beliefs don’t serve us. We want to change, be healthier, give up sugar, spend less time on Facebook or start a business. If these are new habits our subconscious is going to put up a fight. Be prepared to win the first round with these 7 steps.

1. Define your why. Be specific until you get it to one sentence. a. How will making this change affect my life? b. How will it affect others in my life? c. Who will I be if I make this change? d. What will my life look like if I don’t make this change? e. What belief do I have that has kept me from making this change?

Your primary reason for wanting to change must be a higher value in your life then not changing. Change is about exchange. For example, you must value the results of eating heathier even if it takes more planning or you think it is more expensive then grabbing some fast food.

2. Small hinges swing big doors. a. I will eat 1 less sugary item today b. I will chew my food more slowly working towards 30 chews per bite c. I will turn off the TV or put my phone away while I eat d. I will reduce my Facebook time by 10 minutes e. I will write 1 goal for my new business

3. Stay Aware: If you take a misstep, ask yourself why. Be curious. “I wonder why I ate that cookie just then?” “Was I stressed? “Was it habit?” “Do I feel satisfied or less than satisfied?”

4. Keep Self-Talk Positive. “I know what choices I can make next time”. “I am worth the effort” “ I am capable.”

5. Journal Daily. Write down what is going well. Record your thoughts and feelings about the choices you made.

6. Accountability and Support. Connect at least once a week with the same person. Someone who will be supportive, celebrate each victory no matter how small, hold you accountable without judging you, and challenge you to keep moving forward.

7. Consistency Over Time. It can take 90 days to see changes. Give yourself time to allow your new habits to form and replace the old ones.


Sharon Hathaway is a Certified Health and Life Coach specializing in weight loss, stress reduction and lifestyle changes. Sharon uses a habit healing method of curated information, empowerment and support to inspire her clients to successfully make lasting changes in their lives. For more information or to schedule an Individual Discover Session or group event visit or email [email protected].