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Rusty Pig Barbecue: Raising the Bar in Bar-becue

Story by Katrice Williams

Rusty Pig Barbecue has been a Rincon sensation since opening in March 2011. Co-owners Neal and Cindy Anderson, Glennville natives, opened their first Rusty Pig Restaurant in Glennville in October 2009. After deciding to expand their brand, they opened their Rincon restaurant. The two had long been passionate about good barbecue and were committed to bringing the “best in barbecue” to the local area. The team at Rusty Pig is more a “family” than a staff. Neal and Cindy appreciate the added value that each individual brings to the business. Customers themselves experience a warm, family-oriented atmosphere when they visit. “We want you to have a good experience when you come into the restaurant. We want you to leave feeling it was worth your time and that your money was well spent,” Neal stated. Ashley Stanford, event coordinator, agrees that “one of the best ways to please customers is to make them happy and full.” Eric Couch, general manager, has played an instrumental role in the business’ growth and success over the years; he has been Neal and Cindy’s “right-hand man.” Further, the owners persist to offer exemplary menu items and services to customers. They feel that customers should never be expected to sacrifice quality; each order is prepared with that in mind. “We are not a fast food restaurant. You [receive] a quality product and good service. We are always looking to bring the best ingredients and recipes to our product line, striving to provide the best products, services and facilities in order to create and maintain value for our customers,” Neal remarked. Indeed, serving good, quality dishes is of utmost importance to the owners. “Recipes are authentic. Everything prepared is as close to home-grown as it gets. We offer fresh selections; our meat is never frozen,” Cindy said. Customers can enjoy an array of tantalizing dishes, including: slow-cooked ribs, barbecue plates, burgers, sandwiches (barbecue pork, beef brisket, pulled chicken, steak, chicken salad or stewed potato—a red-skin mashed potato smothered in Brunswick Stew), salads (pulled chicken, smoked pork or fried chicken finger), wraps (pulled chicken, chicken salad or chicken finger) or a variety of tasty wings (smoked, traditional, Honey Barbecue, Garlic Parmesan, Sweet Red Chili and Rusty Red). In addition, customers may choose from various sides and other dishes from onion rings to the renown Brunswick Stew along with some tasty dessert treats. Speaking of Brunswick Stew, the highly demanded dish has been a hit for a long time. In fact, it has become so popular that it will start being shipped throughout the country in January 2020. Interestingly enough, the Rusty Red and Honey Barbecue Sauces are already being shipped to meet ever-increasing customer demand. To better serve customers, the Rincon restaurant has been involved in renovations that will roll out January 2020. The couple is excited about the installation of their pickup window for “easy and accessible” ordering; customers can order in advance by phone or via the Rusty Pig Website, then pick up their orders at the window “without leaving the convenience of their vehicle.” Additionally, Neal and Cindy are happy about their new kitchen expansion. Equipped with some of the best products on the market, there has been an impressive amount of space added. “It will provide a much needed roomier work space for our staff, allowing for quicker service while they produce the best meals possible for our customers,” Neal said. More so, Rusty’s Rolling Kitchen--a new, mobile food truck--has been a huge success; it serves as another “Rusty Pig location” and has been a great way to attract customers. “It is our mobile walk-up restaurant and kitchen. It’s over 33 feet long and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, refrigeration facilities and food preparation services; there isn’t much this food truck can’t do. We even cater out of it. All of this is done without diminishing the quality of food and services expected by our customers,” Neal asserted. Whether fairs, festivals, or numerous other events, the qualified staff who runs the mobile restaurant are servicing customers well and “building a new fan base.” Even more, Neal and Cindy wholeheartedly believe in giving back where it counts. The two support CURE (Cure Childhood Cancer), recently donating 10% of sales to the phenomenal cause. They, too, are advocates for breast cancer awareness initiatives. Last month, special new cups were ordered and sold in the restaurant to benefit the cause; 5,100 cups were ordered and nearly all were sold. The couple definitely believes in “paying it forward.” Neal and Cindy are looking forward to promising days ahead and plan to continue servicing their customers in the best ways possible. Neal encourages prospective customers, “Plan a visit; you will see just how easy it is to have the best barbecue in the region.”

Rusty Pig Barbecue 360 S. Columbia Avenue Rincon, Georgia 31326 (912) 826-4233