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The Mo’ Southern Collection

Morris Southern grew up on a farm in rural southeast Georgia, and more than anything he wanted to see the world. Then he learned about the U.S. Air Force. Case closed. He signed up. The Air Force didn’t disappoint. He saw lots of Europe, the Middle East and Pacific on his way to their second highest enlisted rank, Senior Master Sergeant. Then, his career highlight— acceptance into the ultra-selective USAF Thunderbirds. As Line Chief, he traveled to air shows all over the United States, babying those F-16 fighter jets to insure a safe and spectacular performance. When Morris finally retired after 22 years, he began a civilian career in (where else?) the aerospace industry. And that led to the birth of a brand. Early in his Air Force career, fellow airmen started calling him Mo. He didn’t particularly like it. Truth be told, he hated it. But he couldn’t escape it. He became known as Mo Southern. After retirement, the nickname followed him, where it wound up on his desktop nameplate. Soon he started getting strange requests. People wanted his nameplate. One of them wanted to put it on his truck. “Why would the name “Mo Southern” have meaning to folks? he wondered. But then he got it. Because it represents everything we, along with our friends and neighbors, love about the South. Mo’ Southern is more than a brand. It’s an attitude. Having grown up in the rural south, Morris learned about the value and the power of community. More importantly, his travels helped him appreciate the uniqueness of the American South and knew that, in spite of having traveled the world, there was no better place than the American South – with its shared values… love of nature, simple pleasures, the joy of living, love of neighbor and the value of friendship. These things are real, but too often they’re lost or under appreciated. The Mo’ Southern Collection celebrates the South. Where Magnolias bloom, where farming is an art, and no one is a stranger. We think it’s a privilege to live in the South, and we want to share that idea through our gifts, apparel and style. We’re hoping to help you express your own individuality and pride in your Southern community. And finally, thank you for using some of your valuable time to visit with us. In return we promise we’ll continue to be…

…Mo’ friendly …Mo’ respectful …Mo’ welcoming Mo’ Southern