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If you have been inside one of Rincon’s newest massage studios, B RENEWED, then you know the state of relaxation that surrounds you from the moment you walk in. Cozy, inviting, soothing, tranquil—these are the words that clients use to describe B Renewed’s studio. Owner Bonnie J. Smith is a licensed massage therapist whose vi-sion was to create a studio that embod-ied those words—a studio with an atmo-sphere where your everyday stresses melt away when you walk through the door. Bonnie has been a massage thera-pist for 19 years and found her niche in massage by specializing in a more therapeutic and medical approach. Her journey began when she worked for the Westin for 10 years. She eventually moved to broaden her abilities with a chiropractor for three years, before she became a co-owner, with a good friend, of a spa. Then in 2019, she opened her own studio—B Renewed. Bonnie opened B Renewed as she began a journey to renew her own life. She decided to begin exercising, lose weight, eat better, gain financial control, and to implement many other healthful changes. She want-ed to gain total control of herself, and in the process she found herself again! This personal renewal inspired her to design a  studio where she could help her clients let go of their own everyday stresses and be in a state of total relaxation—which could help them find a piece of themselves again, too. Through all of her hard work and accomplishments, Bonnie was voted 2019 Effing-ham’s Most Fabulous Massage Therapist within her first year of opening B Renewed.        Over the years, Bonnie has discovered many massage techniques, but her niche and passion are the therapeutic, medical, and clinical approaches. These approaches stretch and relax muscles while massaging, and Bonnie has found that her clients enjoy this approach, as well. A master  of her technique, Bonnie now offers a luxurious day spa feeling with a therapeutic  massage, helping lift away intimidating clinical aspects of therapeutic massage that startle some clients. She offers massages that range from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, including hot stone and prenatal massage's, as well as reflexology, KT taping, and full body exfoliation treatments. There is something for everyone at every comfort level and every schedule.

272 South Columbia Avenue, Ste 110 912.604.2064