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KICKING DiPG: THE REID CROSBY FOUNDATION Teams up with SOUTH FORK PROVISIONS for the “Second Saturday BBQ Smoke-Out” Fundraiser

Story by Cindy Reid | Photos by Tonya Perry

Sarah Crosby says, “Our foundation was created in honor of our son Reid who died from DiPG, a rare brain cancer. When he was sick people helped us, people we didn’t even know, and establishing our foundation has been an opportunity for us to give back.”

After a diagnosis of DiPG, parents are told to go home and make memories with their child. Between medical bills, missed work, traveling expenses, and many other unforeseen costs, most families are left hopelessly wondering how they will be able to deal with it all.

“That is where we come in. We strive to provide aid to help lessen the burden on these families. Through Kicking DiPG, we make a monetary gift, which families can use however they choose. We were truly fortunate, if I can use that word, but we were fortunate to have the support of our family, friends, and community and we are grateful to be able to help others now.”

Jennifer VanGiller from South Fork Provisions said, “Each month we host our 2nd Saturday Smoke-Out, where people can get hot BBQ plates and support a local non-profit. As a part of the BBQ plate sale, we choose a different foundation to help support, and 10% of our sales go to that non-profit. We use this as an opportunity to shine a light on local charities and give back to our community. For July, we chose Kicking DiPG-The Reid Crosby Foundation to help spread the word to our local community on this wonderful non-profit.”

Sarah, who has been the Speech Therapist at Sand Hill Elementary School for the past five years, will be returning to the school system this year as a Speech Interventionist, rotating through four different schools. She says, “We are working hard to stay safe and I look forward to seeing all my students.”