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Solar Energy

Apr 05, 2021 09:13AM ● By Jan Southern

There has been a lot of talk about solar energy in Georgia recently. Many homeowners wonder if adding solar panels to their homes is a good investment and will lead to lower energy costs and a contribution to the environment. We talked with Clay Copeland of EMPWR Solar to get some answers. 

What is Solar Energy?

Solar panels capture energy from the sun and turn it into usable electricity for your home. By using the solar power produced by your panels, you have the ability to reduce or eliminate your energy bill each month. 

Why Solar Energy is Good for Georgia

Solar is a relatively new industry for Georgia but it was actually ranked the 9th highest solar-powered state in 2019. Thanks to solar energy grants and Georgia Power allowing for 5,000 rooftop solar customers to use Net Metering, solar energy has become the main source of energy for a growing number of families.

With plenty of sunlight hours, Georgia is poised to be one of the fastest growing states for solar power. Solar energy is cheaper and more efficient than electricity currently powering homes. Not only can you utilize the energy from the sun during the day to fuel your energy needs, but net metering occurs when the excess energy produced by the solar panels during the day is sent to the utility grid for use at night. There are also battery options to store up unused energy for use later. 

Savings and Tax Credits

In the past, solar panels were costly and homeowners spent tens of thousands of dollars with this older technology. Today, solar panels are less expensive than ever. Many homeowners see savings from the very first month after installing solar panels. And with federal and utility incentives available, many families go solar with zero out-of-pocket costs.

Most homeowners qualify for a 26% U.S. federal tax credit (Investment Tax Credit), and additional rebates and incentives may also be available depending on the state and utility company.

What to do if You Want to See if Solar is Right for Your Home

Clay Copeland at EMPWR can walk you through the process, give you an assessment of energy savings and how to prepare for your new solar energy system.

Advantages of solar:

1.     Pure renewable energy source

2.     Solar saves! Go green/save green

3.     Independence from the power company

4.     $0 Down plus federal tax credits available

Learn more about solar energy and how it could benefit you. Contact:


Clay Copeland
[email protected]