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What is a Nutrition Therapist and How Can They Help Someone with Chronic Illness?

What is a Nutrition Therapist and How Can They Help Someone with Chronic Illness?

By Kerri Dodson, Master Nutrition Therapist

There is no question that there is a need for several different types of health professionals in this modern time when many are plagued with different illnesses.

Most people understand the function of a Nutritionist. Nutritionists counsel clients on healthy eating habits. A companion to the Nutritionist is a Dietitian. They help with disease-related malnutrition. The emerging field of the Nutrition Therapist takes a holistic—looking at the whole body—approach to treating chronic illnesses through whole food nutrition and targeted supplementation.

What Differentiates a Nutrition Therapist?

A Nutrition Therapist, also known as a Holistic Nutrition Professional, places a priority on nutrient density and biochemical individuality. They receive a clinical education—upwards of 1100 hours plus continuing education credits—in order to provide science-based nutritional advice.

Nutrition Therapists are educated to focus on which foods are highly reliable sources of the essential nutrients and how those nutrients interact within the human biochemical environment.

A Nutrition Therapist also understands that certain foods may be more or less beneficial for each individual based on their unique biochemistry, illnesses and health needs.

What I offer as a Nutritional Therapist

As a Nutrition Therapist, I focus on my client’s specific illnesses and the mechanism driving that illness.

I work with my clients on individualized nutritional protocols in order to dial down that mechanism to facilitate improvements in their health.

I specialize in nutritional protocols, lifestyle adjustments and supplements for chronic illnesses such as autoimmune diseases, type II diabetes, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure and early onset dementia.

Where medication may mask or reduce the presence of symptoms, I work with my clients to eliminate what is causing their specific health problems. Nutritional deficiencies and excesses along with lifestyle are the major contributing factors to chronic illness.

I tell all my clients, there is no neutral bite of food. Each bite either promotes health or promotes illness. I can work with you to promote health.
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