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Lenny Sansone: Entrepreneur Brings The Growth Coach to the Greater Savannah Region

Lenny Sansone: Entrepreneur Brings The Growth Coach to the Greater Savannah Region

Lenny Sansone has owned a business, been a personal trainer and worked with businesses through his experience in insurance. Now Sansone is combining those skills to serve business leaders in his community and pursue his own entrepreneurial dream with his new business—The Growth Coach of Greater Savannah.

The Growth Coach is the largest provider of affordable group coaching workshops in the nation. They also offer leadership training and one-on-one coaching for sales professionals, managers, management teams, self-employed professionals and more. Their approach follows three industry-leading series—their Foundational Series, Fundamental Series and Fast Forward Series.

Sansone works with clients in Rincon, Pooler, Savannah and the surrounding areas.

“I’ve been a business owner and I know what it’s like. I understand the struggles, I’ve made the mistakes and I know what it takes to build a company in a sustainable, balanced way. I’m looking forward to using my unique set of skills to make a difference here in my community,” Sansone said.

Sansone was born on an Air Force Base in Spain and grew up with a veteran and entrepreneur father. He’s the oldest of eight children and knew he wanted to follow in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps when he was 16 years old. In the early 2000s, he opened a watch repair company and then became a personal trainer before changing gears to work in insurance.

“I opened my own watch repair company because I knew I needed to do something to improve my future. Within the first six months, I realized I knew how to fix watches really well, but nothing about running a business. On the surface it looked successful, but after two years my dream became a nightmare. I personally grew a lot through that experience; and I decided I wanted to change lives instead of watch batteries, so I got into personal training. This turned out to be another valuable learning experience, but it never really fed my passion. I took a job selling insurance and, it clicked. While I was getting paid to sell insurance, I did a lot of business consulting with my clients and I really enjoyed it. That’s what drew me to open my own coaching business and to become a Growth Coach,” Sansone said.

He started working with clients in early 2021, but Sansone found he needed both his own knowledge as well as materials, collateral, business supports and a plan. That’s what brought him to The Growth Coach.

As a Growth Coach, Sansone is certified in The Strategic Mindset coaching process, which adheres to the standards, practices and policies that the International Coaching Federation has outlined in their Code of Professional Standards and Ethics. The company’s landmark Strategic Mindset Process© is so effective that it comes with a money-back guarantee.

“The Growth Coach is unique because it’s not just about trying to go into someone’s business and fix something. It’s about working with clients like a coach to help them grow and find success on their own path. I’m looking forward to combining that system and mindset with my own experience,” Sansone said. 

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