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The Thompson Family:

The Thompson Family: Bringing Family Values to the Workplace

Originally from Pembroke, Scott Thompson moved to Rincon in 1998. He learned the value of a family business and hard work while working for his uncle’s wrecker and septic service, Rahn’s.

In 2004, after discovering college wasn’t for him, Thompson opened the first of several successful businesses “Scotty’s Pottys,” a portable restroom company. Shortly after, he started dating Laura and, in 2006, the couple moved to Guyton where they were wed.

Then in 2008 they decided to add the RooterMan Plumbers franchise to offer other services to their growing company. After selling “Scotty’s Pottys” in 2011, Scott and Laura focused solely on growing RooterMan, and their family.

Seeing a need for a small-town hardware store in Guyton, Thompson Hardware was born in 2017. Scott operated it for several years until his latest venture—Thompson & Thompson Service Group—demanded more of his time.

The Thompson& Thompson Service Group brand was created in 2018 when Thompson added on HVAC services to fill the need of clients wanting a one stop shop. Eventually folding RooterMan into the company and adding electrical services in 2019, Thompson & Thompson has grown tremendously over the last few years.

Gratitude to the Community

Scott and Laura Thompson want to thank their clients and staff for being an integral part of Thompson & Thompson throughout the years.

“We appreciate all of our customers and team members who have stuck with us and believed in us. Loyal customers and great employees helped us get to where we are, and we are thankful for every one of you.”

It has been demanding work building the business and they attribute bringing the value of family to the workplace to helping them achieve success. “Our family is extremely important to us, and we believe that our employees’ families are just as important,” says Laura.

New Owners, Same Great Company

Due to the company’s mission, amazing culture, and success over the last few years, Thompson & Thompson gained the attention of several investors across the US. Recently presented with an opportunity to join one of the nation’s fastest-growing service companies, Scott and Laura have decided to take the opportunity. 

“This was ultimately our end goal, however, the opportunity came way sooner than we ever expected,” said Scott. “The new owners will keep the same culture, the same mission, and the same team. The staff is a caring group. They care about our customers and our employees. In the end this is a people business.”

Scott says the new owners have also committed to supporting the same local community organizations they have always supported, including the Ronald McDonald House.

“Nothing will change! Thompson & Thompson will only get bigger and better, and will be able to give back even more to the community. We are extremely excited for the opportunities that will be presented to our team, and for our community.”

Future Plans

Scott says he will be slowing down and enjoying time with his family but at some point, they will create a new family business.

“We want to continue being interactive with the community and helping solve problems. That’s been the key to every single business we’ve had.”

Carrying on that tradition today, Scott and Laura say, “Bringing our children up to know the true value of hard work and what it gets you has been important to us.”

In August of 2020, Laura stepped away from the daily operations at Thompson & Thompson to be a full-time homeschooling Mom to their three children, ages six through twelve. As homeschoolers, they can incorporate travel into their lessons, and with the business sold the family is looking forward to being able to travel and explore the country. They are planning on a trip out west to Colorado, the Grand Canyon, and Yosemite National Park.

“We are looking forward to making some incredible memories with our kids,” say Scott and Laura. “But we are also excited about new business ventures as well. Keep watch as we transition to something new!” 

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