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Casey Weredyk & CNR Farms

Casey Weredyk & CNR Farms

Images of ranch life usually include a rugged cowboy. However, more than 230,000 farms or ranches in the United States are run by women, according to the most recent Agriculture Census.

Meet local farmer and animal breeder Casey Weredyk. “I was born and raised a farm girl,” says Casey. Ever since she can remember she has loved animals. “As a child I was able to have every kind of animal I wanted. I was big into FFA and showing animals, which led to me and my brother Ryan breeding, raising, and showing rabbits.” That business was the start of what became CNR Farms. C for Casey and R for Ryan and Farms because…” well we all live on a farm!”

After high school Casey went on to get a degree in Livestock Production, and rabbit breeding segued into dog breeding, specifically Labradoodles, Standard Poodles and English Goldendoodles. And Black Angus Beef Cows. And horses, alpacas, llamas, rabbits, chickens, and ducks. Did we mention it was a farm?

Puppy Love

At CNR Farms it’s a dog’s life. “We live on ten fenced acres so our dogs can enjoy romps around the farm and swimming in our two-acre pond,” says Casey, “Our dogs are very much a part of our family and do not live in kennels.”

She has always focused on the most ethical and responsible breeding and management. “I have absolutely fallen in love with breeding dogs and raising the best puppies that I can, which means mother’s health comes first.” They perform extensive health testing before breeding and if the potential mother has any health concerns, or has had a difficult birth, they are spayed and sent to a loving home. And as a state licensed and inspected breeding facility, they follow meticulous guidelines.

Casey’s goal is for her pups to have a service dog temperament and to that end CNR utilizes the Puppy Culture program. Puppy Culture is a comprehensive, organized program for breeders to follow during the first weeks of a puppy’s life- from whelping box to new home.

“My puppies are born and raised in my home. and all of my puppies go home with a 2 year health guarantee and lifetime support,” she says. CNR holds meet and greets to introduce the puppies to potential families. There is a rigorous application process and Casey works to match the right puppy with the right family.

She works closely with new families and wants their purchase process to be an experience they will never forget. “I love seeing people light up when they meet their new puppy,” she says and is delighted when families stay in touch and send pics of the puppy growing up in its new family.

Black Angus Beef Cows

CNR has also branched out to breeding Black Angus Beef Cows, supplying beef to local customers. There is a registered bull on site and the calves are grass/hay and grain fed and remain on the farm throughout their life. Calving season is Casey’s favorite time of year, because “I just love caring for my cows.”

Farm Business

Her advice for other women thinking about going into this business is “You have to have a passion for it because it is difficult at times.” She says the cattle industry is predominately male dominated while dog breeding has many more women breeders, which creates a sense of community and support. The experience has brought Casey out of her shell, she didn’t like talking on the phone or to strangers but now she can talk about cows and dogs all day long!

She adds that “You have to care deeply about animals, and it can’t be about the money. Always have money in a savings account, because with animals you never know when an emergency will come about that costs thousands.”

She loves owning her own business and working for herself because it is her responsibility—no one else’s. “This is my absolute passion,” says Casey, “It is a blessing to do what you love for a living.”

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