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Steven Highsmith’s Company Offers Excellence in Lawn Maintenance

Grow it We Mow it, LLC

Steven Highsmith’s Company Offers Excellence in Lawn Maintenance


Grow It We Mow It, LLC has been raising the bar in exceptional lawn maintenance since the family-owned company officially opened its doors in 2019. Steven Highsmith, owner and founder, is a Savannah native and has been living in Effingham for nearly 12 years.

Steven developed an undeniable interest in the craft as a young boy, and it has been full-steam ahead ever since. “The passion for lawn care has always been there. I’ve been doing it all my life,” he says.

Steven, however, never would have imagined that his passion would develop into a professional career. In fact, by trade, he is an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified master technician.

Character Counts

Even at a young age, Steven knew the intrinsic value of strong character and an uncompromising work ethic. Raised by a single mom, he found reward in hard work and diligence, understanding the value and necessity of being financially prudent.

“As a kid, I had a bicycle, a push mower and a two-gallon gas can. That’s how I bought my school clothes,” he says.

Over the years, Steven has maintained that same work ethic, as he feels it is always a professional standard. In addition, the knowledge and plethora of experience he has obtained throughout the many years contributes to him being the industry expert he is to this very day.

A Passion Pursued

The story surrounding the inception of Grow It We Mow It is an interesting one. Many years ago, Steven noticed a real need for lawn maintenance in his own neighborhood. He began gaining business that kept growing as time went by. The proof was in the pudding, as individuals were able to see first-hand the quality services Steven offered, revealing his noteworthy skill set. The word-of-mouth marketing spread like wildfire.

“It just started growing. I knew it was getting serious when I started receiving calls outside of the neighborhood before I even started advertising,” he states. Over time, Steven did begin posting advertisements, not only in his neighborhood, but throughout the surrounding areas.

During this time, Steven was still maintaining his full-time career as a fleet manager. He had come to a crossroads, as his lawn care business was massively growing, and he knew it would be difficult to accommodate both professions. Hence, he followed his heart –- his passion. He dedicated all his efforts to being a full-time lawn care professional. He began to expand his business, providing services throughout the local region and becoming Grow It We Mow It, LLC in 2019.

Steven noticed that the demand for reliable professionals in the industry was at an all-time high. Many customers expressed their disdain with lawn maintenance services they  had previously encountered. Steven always listened to their concerns and was committed to implementing the needed services, keeping those issues in mind.

 “I found out what needed to be improved. I always want to make sure my customers are happy with the services they’re paying for. I put myself in my customers’ shoes,” he comments.

Quality is Key

In the current era where the so-called “new normal” of workforce issues and supply chain shortages has become an excuse for poor service, Steven does not comply with that philosophy; instead, he takes immense pride in offering quality service.

He firmly believes that effective communication and consistency are essential, as he continuously persists to be in line with customer expectations.

“Just by communicating and building that work relationship, it builds trust. Grow It We Mow It is a family-owned business. You can trust us to do what we say and be reliable,” he says. Steven enjoys providing services that best meet his customers’ needs.

Exceptional Services

Grow It We Mow It services Chatham, Effingham and Bryan Counties. The company provides residential and commercial lawn maintenance and landscaping services, including: hedge and shrubbery maintenance, mulch and pine straw installation, sod installation, irrigation installation and repair, along with flower bed restoration (to name a few).

Steven appreciates his staff for all their efforts. Even more, he is grateful for the love and support of his wife Ashley over the years.

“If you want reliable, dependable service from a family-owned business, we would be the best fit for you. And remember, all you have to do is grow it, we’ll mow it.”

(912) 695-9551
407 E. U.S. Highway 80 #291,
Bloomingdale GA