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iHeart Dental Named Best Cosmetic Dentist in Effingham

iHeart Dental Named Best Cosmetic Dentist in Effingham


Often going to the dentist is associated with a routine cleaning or the less pleasant business of getting a filling or a crown.

But at iHeart Dental, Dr. Misty Seale and her team offer a selection of cosmetic dentistry services to complement routine dental care, including veneers, traditional dentures, digital dentures, denture implants and clear aligners. Their spectacular results have led them to be named Best Cosmetic Dentist in this year’s Best of Effingham Reader’s Choice Awards.

They also offer esthetic services like Botox and dermal fillers to enhance the results after rebuilding a patient’s smile. 

“Cosmetic dentistry changes people’s lives. When you first see somebody, one of the first things that you see is their smile,” Dr. Seale said.

Dr. Seale has plenty of advice to offer anyone who is ready to consider cosmetic dental procedures to improve or rebuild their smile.

Consider Both Form and Function.

Cosmetic dentistry comes with its own set of considerations, both for the dentist and the patient.

“Everybody’s face is different. You also have to consider the functionality of the jaws and the mouth and the teeth itself. So not only is it cosmetic, it has to function well,” Dr. Seale said.

Dental implants are put to the test every day withstanding high temperatures, high acidity and the pressure of day-to-day activities like eating and drinking. Any cosmetic service has to be able to hold up to those conditions in addition to improving a patient’s smile. A good cosmetic dentist will take all these lifestyle factors into account.

Make Sure You Have a Treatment Plan.

Creating a treatment plan together with your dentist will alleviate a lot of stress, set up realistic expectations and help give you the best possible outcome.

“I try to eliminate as many variables as I can to make things as predictable as possible,” Dr. Seale said.

At iHeart Dental, they have a variety of tools in-house that can show you your results before committing to any major procedures. They take initial impressions that are used to create a full digital mock-up. That mock-up is then 3D printed to create a model of a patient’s new smile that can be temporarily fitted inside the mouth.

Ask for Before and After Photos.

While many dentists can do cosmetic procedures, it’s not always their specialty. Seeing samples of their work can give you an idea of what to expect. You can also ask for recommendations from a friend or family member who may have used the dentist’s services to see their results firsthand.

Look for someone who is passionate about what they do.

Dr. Seale feels strongly that all dentistry is cosmetic dentistry, so she takes great care of her patients whether they’re seeing her for routine cleaning appointments or extensive reconstructive procedures.

“When I go in, I get to really know the patient in and out. It’s not just their mouth, it’s their whole body,” Dr. Seale said. “We want people to be as passionate about their dental health as we are.”

iHeart Dental also caters to patients who may experience anxiety at the dentist. Dr. Seale feared the dentist as a child, and wanted to build a more approachable experience when opening her own practice. They have two service dogs (one active and one in training) who are available to offer comfort to nervous patients.

Their compassionate approach and passion for building healthy smiles set them apart, and Dr. Seale relishes the challenge of taking a patient’s smile to the next level.

“I like puzzles and I like being able to make solutions by thinking outside the box,” Dr. Seale said. “I love being able to transform people into a better state.”


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