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Adrian Webber Realty Georgia

Adrian Webber Realty Georgia

Adrian Webber, Savannah Market Director of Realty Georgia, has found herself carrying on a long line of family history in the real estate industry. Realty Companies is the holding entity to six satellite locations across the Southeast, owned and operated by her father, Shawn and her brother Alex. Adrian is a 4th generation family member to fall in love with the business of growing a community, and the art of the sale.

“I wanted to continue the family legacy and pass it on to my children,” Adrian said. “I’m excited about teaching my kids about the business just like my dad taught me.”

As the roads often twist and turn before we reach our destination, real estate was not where Adrian began her career. After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2002 with a degree in Graphic Design, her roots were planted in a fast-paced, creative environment. Working in this industry became a gateway into something bigger; the skills she acquired aided her ability to market with an uncommon but highly impactful point of view. After working as a creative director, she pivoted into insurance sales and then into real estate.

“Sales prepared me for being a land broker because of all the cold calling I did,” Adrian said. “I always knew that if I could sell something I believed in that I’d do well.”

Adrian worked in commercial real estate for several years before opening Realty Georgia in 2020. Today, she oversees listings and secures land for commercial development in Savannah, Effingham County, and surrounding areas. Working closely with Adrian is Realty Georgia’s Vice President, Tony Zimlich, who is also a significant player in the success of this branch.

In recent years, the port of Savannah has seen booming growth. This expansion has created a ripple effect in demand for land for residential development and warehouse space within the region. This necessity has positioned Adrian as the go-to expert for commercial real estate in the area. Realty Georgia has closed parcels of land up and down the I-95 corridor from Hardeeville, S.C. to Brunswick with projects that include land for residential development, warehousing and recreational use.

“I find it rewarding to pick up the phone and make a connection that could potentially have a wonderful impact on our community,” Adrian said.  “Developing trustworthy and productive relationships is our purpose at Realty Georgia.”

Adrian leads by example with her close-knit team. She is excited to train future agents in her brokerage and to continue her work on exciting new projects along the I-16 and I-95 corridor.

She encourages anyone thinking of starting their own business to find a mentor in their chosen field. For Adrian, that mentor is her brother. 

“I watched my brother Alex grow into a successful broker, and how passionate he is about his work; I wanted to join him,” Adrian said.

Adrian also emphasizes that it is okay to not have all the answers. Networking and building relationships is essential to finding your place in this business, which takes time, practice, and patience.

“It’s important to believe in yourself and to set goals,” Adrian said. “Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it.”

Outside of work, Adrian loves spending time outdoors. You can find her biking or kayaking on Ebenezer Creek. She lives in Rincon with her husband and children after previously living in Bluffton.

“Effingham County chose me. We moved out of Bluffton because we needed more room, and we ended up buying the first house we saw,” Adrian said. “When I landed in Rincon, I could see the growth that was coming. I could envision how it was going to change for the better, and I wanted to be a part of it.” 

With driven and motivated people like Adrian guiding the growth of development projects in the community, the future looks bright for Effingham County.

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