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Buddy, the State Farm Elf on the Shelf

Buddy, the State Farm Elf on the Shelf

Santa’s mischievous helper, Buddy the State Farm Elf on a Shelf, is right here in Effingham County. Santa’s elves are pure Christmas Magic that capture our imagination and fire up our holiday spirit. Brad Cherney, of Brad Cherney State Farm Insurance, says, “Buddy the State Farm Elf is our resident Elf on a Shelf, and he is a bit of a rascal. With a heart full of Christmas joy, he likes to make a little mischief in the businesses in our area all through the month of December.”

This is Buddy’s second year at State Farm but like all elves he is ageless. This year Buddy did get a makeover with a brand-new State Farm logo look and he has some new tricks up his sleeve. Hint—one may involve a remote controlled Elf mobile! “He is a perpetual surprise to me and my staff,” says Brad. 

A little about Elves on Shelves...

On December 1, Santa’s little helpers leave the North Pole and head out to where they’ll be staying for the holiday season. In Buddy’s case, that is at the Brad Cherney State Farm Insurance office in Springfield, GA.

During the month of December, elves pop up in places around town, watching to see who is naughty and nice and occasionally stirring up a little holiday fun.

The night before Christmas, Buddy’s job comes to an end. He and the other elves fly back to the North Pole following Santa’s sleigh, where they will stay at Santa’s workshop until the next Christmas season.

Rules for Buddy the State Farm Elf

1.         No one can touch Buddy the Elf.

2.         Buddy does not move nor speak during the day.

3.         Buddy reports back to Santa every night to let Santa know who was naughty or nice that day.

4.         Be Christmas Kind.

Who Can Touch an Elf on the Shelf?

Santa advises that no one touches any Elf on the Shelf, but he does describe a few rare instances when an adult may use tongs or potholders to help an elf in an urgent situation.

What if Someone Touches an Elf on the Shelf? Or if He Falls off the Shelf?

There are several options.

1.         Sprinkle him with cinnamon because it has magical Christmas powers.

2.         Write a Letter to Santa and apologize for touching the Elf.

3.         Pop him into the freezer a bit, it’s as refreshing as the North Pole.

Does Buddy Move to a New Location Every Day?

It’s tradition for Buddy to magically move most days because he needs to see as many people as possible so he can report back to Santa on the naughty and nice list. He may stay over a day or two, but because he is a playful prankster, he usually is on the move every day! Brad says Buddy really enjoys seeing and being seen. “Buddy can be anywhere on any given day. He could be at a candle shop or at a café- you simply never know!” Look for Buddy at retail stores, shopping centers and other local businesses.

Buddy’s Likes

1. Sparkly lights

2. Gingerbread

3. Safe Drivers

Buddy’s Dislikes

1. Grinches

If your business would like a Buddy visit, give Brad a call and he will see what he can do. “I don’t make any promises, because Buddy has a mind of his own, but I can make suggestions,”he says. “A promise of a Christmas cookie or candy cane certainly can help your case.”

Brad says his team loves decorating the office and really enjoys Buddy’s annual visit.

“Buddy is our sixth team member. He helps us get out into the community and see old friends, make new friends and just spread the joy of Christmas.” And it’s hard to keep a frown when an elf on a shelf is around. “Buddy is what makes small town life so wonderful, “says Brad, “he brings out the brightest holiday spirit in all of us. “

Follow the Adventures of Buddy, the State Farm Elf on Facebook as he appears all over Effingham County this holiday season. Find Buddy and get a little boost of Christmas magic!

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