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Kyle Davidson & Avery Simmons: Brothers Find Redemption Together

Kyle Davidson & Avery Simmons: Brothers Find Redemption Together

Story by Claire Sandow


Brothers Kyle Davidson and Avery Simmons have been down a hard road in their lives. Born six years apart to the same mother but different fathers, they are living proof that no matter your background, you can make something of yourself.

Kyle spent a total of five years in prison and came out ready to turn his life around and Avery also did some time in jail in his past.

“I had to go learn a lesson for a couple of years,” Avery said. “My past life of criminal activity was a dead end road and I had to give it my all and figure things out.”

A criminal record makes finding employment difficult for many people, but Kyle and Avery both found work with Halleluyah Restoration and by doing so learned the ropes of the fencing business. Within a few months of working with Halleluyah, Avery made a strong impression on owner Marc Pack and was promoted to a foreman in record time.

“Avery did that by working every opportunity I gave him,” Marc said. “He deserved the opportunity to get out there and see what he could do on his own.”

Avery and Kyle bring out the best in each other, something that Marc has noticed as the brothers evolved as workers and as entrepreneurs.

“Working with Avery helped Kyle because he knew that this was something his little brother had already decided he was going to take to the next level,” Marc said. “They make a good team because Avery really enjoys getting in the dirt, working hard and seeing the job through and Kyle has a good energy that people trust and relate to. The guy’s authentic.”

Redeemed Fencing

In 2020, the brothers bought a truck and started Redeemed Fencing, a name that holds a lot of meaning for them.

“God is a redeemer,” said Kyle. “He gave us another chance and we redeemed ourselves…Because of the life we used to live, no one ever thought I would turn out to be anything.”

From day one, word of mouth was their primary form of advertising. Beautiful finished products and experience in a variety of types of fence installation gave Redeemed Fencing a solid reputation.

From wood, vinyl, aluminum and chain link, their crew could handle it all. Each job they did piqued the interest of new customers, but building a business from the ground up was not without challenges.

“I don’t think I slept for nine months,” Kyle said. “Every day is a strain when you’re trying to start a business and I ran through every penny I had.”

The brothers worked nonstop, even through the night, to complete jobs. But they kept going, motivated by their family ties. Through the tough times, Kyle and Avery found that going through it together made things easier.

“We could be in two places at once because I knew what he was thinking and he knew what I was thinking,” Kyle said.

“What I enjoy most about working with my brother is you’ve got somebody you can depend on,” Avery said. “You have somebody who's going to be totally honest with you.”

A Turning Point

In 2021, Redeemed Fencing completed a job that was a turning point for their business. They completed an estimate for a woman who needed a fence to pass the home safety check to be a foster parent. Because of her neighborhood’s requirements a specific type of fence was required, which would have been difficult for her to afford.

Kyle and Avery were moved by her story and donated the materials and labor to install the fence for her. That leap of faith helped their business grow to new heights.

“Kyle and Avery took a risk, and I think it’s panned out pretty well for them,” Marc said. “They’ve put in the hard work and they sowed the seeds in the community to reap the rewards.”

As Kyle put it, “I can get paid chasing someone else's dreams or I can get paid trying to chase my own.”

Dealing with Life’s Challenges and Changes

Their life experience has given them a thick skin to handle the ups and downs of running their own business. Kyle and Avery have persevered through their challenges and found their own path to success.

“The only person who can make you fail is the person you stare at when you brush your teeth,” Kyle said. “You’ve got to be determined, and you’ve got to be able to deal with the nos.”

This year, Kyle and Avery have split their business to pursue new projects, but are supportive of each other. Kyle continues to operate under Redeemed Gutters and Fencing, indicative of the expanded services he now offers. Avery is still doing fencing, operating under the name Faithful Concepts. He chose the name in appreciation of his journey through the years.

“The Lord has opened up a lot of things in my life. As long as I've remained faithful He has provided,” Avery said.

The future looks bright for both Redeemed Gutters and Fencing and Faithful Concepts.

While fences are often used to create dividing lines between properties, fences have brought these brothers closer. They have overcome a difficult childhood, incarceration and loss and made their own way through by working together. 


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