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Trend Report 2023 Home Style Guide

Trend Report
2023 Home Style Guide

Story by Trish Brown


We’ve been cooped up in our homes, staring at our surroundings (and each other) uninspired and burdened by laundry and our new work from home jobs. As we move forward as a society post-COVID, it becomes blatantly obvious—its time to refresh and repurpose our living spaces to be more reflective of our tastes and the new multi-functional spaces our homes have become!

Trish Brown—style expert and SCAD alum—brings the top five trends to embrace when redesigning our interior living spaces for 2023!

“We already know there are some trends from 2022 and prior years that we’ll see carried throughout the home and unfortunately, laundry is here to stay. The trends of 2023 give us the opportunity to break out of the traditional patterns and leave behind some outdated rules to bring more spontaneity and comfortability into our dwellings, especially as we start opening our homes for more entertaining.”

1. Organization is More Important than Opulence

First things first—gone are the days when we bodaciously flaunted wealth with no rhyme or reason.

The new place to be is organized and inviting, with the thought process being that even without key accent pieces and other on-trend furniture, organization makes the home just flow more easily. Organization is the little black dress every home should have.

With the economy impacting even the healthiest of wallets, eliminating clutter and dedicating specific zones for the items that bring you joy will quickly allow you to show off your chic aesthetic! From color coordinated closets to sectioned off organized spaces removing excess and dialing in on the key items that bring you both joy and functionality is the first trend that’s sure to be timeless and classic! Pictured here, we have the closet of Melissa, hand-built by her husband Vernon Donovan.

2. All of the Lights!

As a rule, light can create or detract the mood of a room, so it’s no surprise that statement lighting fixtures are poised to gain popularity as a modern trend for 2023.

This look may come in the form of decorative table lamps, chandelier lighting (but not the gaudy kind), or—for the bolder thrill-seekers, the long lost wall lighting companion—wall sconces will see a resurgence!

In elevating and opening the aesthetics of your home, explore attracting the eye to large smooth surfaces as an ideal way to explore placement of wall sconces in the new year.

When implementing this trend be cautious of over-lighting the space and washing out the mood created by other elements in the room. Be mindful of your interior goals and how the space will be used to determine how and where the trend is relevant for your space.

3. Curve Appeal

Round is trés, trés chic. The sterility that can come from revamping your space may need to be toned down with the use of some of the trends for 2023. That being said, get comfy with organic fixtures and entryways!

If you can’t bring yourself to bring actual spheres into your space (although, you REALLY should step outside your comfort zone and try it) explore round accent pillows in monochromatic color ways and don’t underestimate the power of a beautiful round light fixture, allowing you to tap into two trends simultaneously!

While this trend is sure to be popular, be careful—too many organic and round elements don’t give the eye a place to rest and can quickly overpower a room. Keep this trend as the, “ace up your sleeve” when you’re stuck on what element a static space may need to be livened up.

4. Wall Paper? Yes, Please!

This ain’t your Aunt Florence’s tacky 70’s wall paper trend (Just kidding we love you Auntie Florence!!). Nope! Wallpaper has been one trend slowly creeping up in popularity, and with styles such as embossed faux crocodile, wall paper isn’t just for walls anymore either! Boring staircase? Applications of wallpaper to the riser (that’s the vertical surface on your staircase) are gaining more popularity as a way to add personality without overpowering a full room in the trend. If you’re too traumatized from the wallpaper of the 70’s, this plant inspired mural by Julia McDonough, exudes a coolness in a small space beckoning you to relax. A mural is a beautiful way to enjoy the impression of wallpaper, without the intimidating commitment of installing it yourself!


5. Come into the Out!

Here, nature is invited into the stylish home of 2023! Solid teak wood from Asia—shipped to the Richmond Hill, Georgia, home of Nisha and Rocco Giustino—capture the return to nature trend in their dining room space (above) that seeps into their living room as well (right).

With this trend the emphasis will be pairing an outdoor aesthetic with the atmosphere of your interior.

Want an airy feel? Keep the space open with lighter colored woods. Want a moody sultry vibe? Darker plants and deeper hues in flooring are excellent elements with which to experiment.

In this space the Indian and Puerto Rican roots of their heritage can be found in family photos, strategically placed wicker and rattan furniture, decorative pillows and area rugs.

Tap into any or all of these trends to update your home for 2023 and enjoy a refreshed multifunctional home!


Trish Brown has a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design and is the owner of Trish B. Stylin’ Design
Photography by Calvin Parker, Calvin Wayne Photos
Featured Homes:
Vernon and Melissa Donovan of Vernon Donovan State Farm and Donovan Rehab Pediatric Speech & Occupational Therapy, respectively
Rocco and Nisha Giustino,Charter Jet Pilot, CW4,USA Ret,. and Director of Human Resources, Nine Line Apparel & President of Operation Kid Forward, Savannah based Nonprofit, respectively.