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Add Local Female Authors to Your Summer Reading List

Add Local Female Authors to Your Summer Reading List


For Adults:

Another Version of Truth

The gates of Willow Bend now lay before her, and she was swept by a whirlwind of emotions. The sense of happiness and purpose she’d experienced these past few weeks gave way to apprehension. Doubt crept into her thoughts as she got out to unlock the gates. She inserted the key into the padlock with trembling hands. She had come here for something. Peace? Closure? Adventure? What if there was no peace? And how could she ever have closure when she still didn’t know if her father was dead or alive? Was adventure really the answer at this stage of life?  She steadied her hands and turned the key. The lock opened easily, and the chain slithered through the iron fretwork. As soon as the gates were unbound, they began to swing open, beckoning her inward. Just as her skin began to crawl from the groaning and creaking that accompanied their progress, the heavy gates stilled their motion, gravity having done all it could to facilitate her entry. Find Another Version of Truth on Amazon.

Deadly Disclosure

He’d selected the rug from the mudroom to transport her body. It was more pliable than the Persian in the front room, and it would be easy enough to explain its absence once his wife returned from the city. He’d already rehearsed the excuse in his mind, and she’d easily accept that Cooper had slipped in unnoticed with a duck in his mouth. He’d offer to replace the rug of course, and she’d certainly agree that replacement was preferable to dealing with the mess of blood, mud and feathers created by the pup’s mischief. He shoveled the last of the dirt into the shallow grave and threw some yard debris on top of the displaced soil for good measure. He’d planned to leave immediately upon completion of the task, but now he was reluctant to go. He felt the stirrings of a sob welling up from somewhere deep inside, and he needed a moment to collect himself. She’d been his favorite, after all, and he was more than sorry it had come to this. If only she hadn’t pressed him for so much money. Find Deadly Disclosure on Amazon.


Melissa Waller has used her writing skills in numerous professional roles throughout her life. Realizing her dream of becoming an author would slip away without decisive action, she began publishing her stories using the pen name Missy Lane in 2020. She is a small business owner, wife to an accomplished farmer, mother, grandmother, a cancer survivor, and a proud resident of northern Effingham County. To learn more, please visit her website at



For Kids:

Susan Montgomery
The Red Pepper Necklace

Bobbie and her younger sister, Emma, were left alone for the first time while their father and mother planted the spring crops in the field nearby their house. Feeling so grown-up to be on their own, the sisters had a fun-filled day playing. Fun-filled, that is, until they made a discovery that taught them a very valuable lesson. Available on


Alicja Colon
A little book about GRIT
This little book will help kids unlock the superpower of grit and encourage them to keep trying over and over again! Because failing isn’t the end—it’s a stranger start.