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Ellen Jacobs -Your Local Insurance Agent

Ellen Jacobs -Your Local Insurance Agent


“I'm here to help you with insurance options to protect what and who you love,” says Ellen Jacobs, Country Financial Insurance Agent. She handles Auto, Home, Life, and Business insurance and is dedicated to building long term relationships with her clients.“Country Financial clients are so satisfied with our claims process they usually become our life long customers. We truly have the best claims and customer service department in the insurance industry.”

She says “I am the type of agent I myself would want to deal with because I treat people the way I want to be treated. I explain insurance in understandable terms to demystify the process and make it client friendly—so my clients can understand the quote and what it actually means in terms of coverage.”

Ellen can often be found at charity golf tournaments and other community events. “Being at an event isn't for talking about the ins and outs of insurance,” she says. “Rather it’s for me to introduce myself, tell you who I am, what I do and how to reach me if you like to talk further.” She says, “I am not here to sell you anything or talk you into coverage you don’t need. I take a different route by talking to you about what your needs are and how insurance can help.”

A Georgia native, Ellen says she likes this region “because it’s a little smaller and not as fast paced, which allows me to really get to know my clients and the people in the community.” Her husband Greg is a Fire Captain with the City of Savannah Fire Department and they have two boys, Jonah and Lucas. The family resides in Pembroke, where they love to be outside and unplugged from their phones. She says, “Our goal is always less screen time and more tree time!”

Ellen adds,“As the spouse of a firefighter, I have seen up close what can happen in life. As an insurance agent I am here to help you protect your car, home, business and loved ones with Country Financial insurance.”