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Melissa McBride Stille of Stille-DeWitt Health Brokerage, LLC

Melissa McBride Stille of Stille-DeWitt Health Brokerage, LLC

Are You Ready for Health Insurance Open Enrollment?


Melissa McBride Stille is a health insurance broker who has been in the health insurance industry for 15 years. As the sole proprietor of Stille-DeWitt Health Brokerage she is dedicated to presenting her clients with the best health care options available because, “I work for my clients, not the insurance company!”

Medicare Annual Open Enrollment Oct 15 - Dec 7

The Medicare Open Enrollment Period is when everyone with Medicare has to choose to either keep their current plan or enroll in a different one.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your insurance coverage and cost remain the same because they do not! Health and drug plans can change cost, coverage, and who is in their networks from year to year.

It’s tempting to keep what you have, even if you aren’t satisfied, because investigating new plans can be very confusing. That’s why working with a local agent is critical to obtaining the best outcome for your needs.

Working with Melissa—at no cost to you—will ensure that you:

•          get the most benefits from your plan

•          get the lowest drug cost

•          get personal service all year whenever you need help or have questions

Melissa can explain the four parts of Medicare (A, B, C, and D) as well the difference between Medicare Advantage and Supplemental Plans. She can also assist with seeing if you qualify for Extra Help (federal prescription help), Medicaid or to eliminate the monthly $164.90 Medicare Part B Premium (2023 premium).

Melissa also works with Medicare recipients under 65, including those who have Medicare through Social Security Disability, because they too have to make the same decisions annually.

Local Trusted Agent

With so many health insurance companies trying to get your business, how do you know what to do? Their only goal is for you to change your plan.

“That’s how they make money. They do not have any special plans, so don’t be fooled,” says Melissa. “They can change your plan without a signature or without you knowing! All they need is your Medicare number, so do not give it out.”

Melissa takes pride in helping you find the plan that fits YOUR needs and being there for you after open enrollment.

“When a client’s circumstances change, that can impact their health insurance, so keeping in touch is crucial,” she says. “I promise, as my client, you will hear from me. I care about each and every client and do a review of everyone’s health policies every year because there are so many changes annually. I like to simplify things and present you with your best options.”

If you have a question regarding your health insurance options, give Melissa a call or send her an email. Remember, there is NO COST because, “I work for my clients, not the insurance company!”


Cell (912) 239-7119

[email protected]