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Georgia Transformer Corp Celebrates Veterans & First Responders

Georgia Transformer Corp Celebrates Veterans & First Responders

The transformer market is forecast to grow rapidly over the next decade and here in Effingham County, the Georgia Transformer Corp. (GTC) facility is an industry leader in manufacturing industrial large-scale transformers used to support energy reliability and maximize the utilization of clean, renewable energy sources.

But what exactly is a transformer? In simple terms, a transformer transfers electric energy from one alternating-current circuit to one or more other circuits, either increasing or reducing the voltage. A transformer allows electricity to be usable and to travel over long distances, enabling power plants to economically deliver electricity to a wide range of customers. Transformers also ensure the power entering your home is safe for your light bulbs and outlets.

For Effingham Magazine’s “Salute to Veterans and First Responders” issue, GTC wants to celebrate the many military veterans of their workforce whose invaluable contributions are vital to every part of the plant’s manufacturing process.


Over the past five decades, Virginia Transformer Corp. (VTC) has become the largest U.S.-owned manufacturer of power transformers in North America. Their five North American facilities produce transformers for a variety of applications in utility, renewable energy, industrial, mining, oil and gas, commercial, institutional, specialty, and export markets. Since acquiring GTC in 2015, they have become a valued corporate neighbor in the northern Georgia region, building transformers and providing career paths for many area residents.

Utilizing the company’s values of professionalism, fairness, ownership, honesty and hard work, VTC-GTC has created the finest workforce in the power transformer industry and is grateful for the opportunity to thank the many veterans who contribute mightily to the company’s success.

Veterans Voices at GTC

Because GTC fosters an environment that values what veterans bring to the workplace, the Georgia facility has veterans in multiple departments, making them an important part of the total workforce. The company’s hiring managers are always interested in interviewing veterans and first responders, as their skill sets and traits align well with GTC’s needs and values. In fact, GTC recently held a recruiting outreach event at Fort Stewart, GA which resulted in the hiring of veterans.

Robert O’Dell
U.S. Army | Purchasing Manager

“When I first got out of the service, I did not know what I wanted to do, I had to make that transition from military life to a civilian job. I shot artillery for 11 years so that was not a transferable skill. But I started at GTC where I was judged on merit and potential and ability. My own direct manager really understood and helped me assimilate into the corporate structure. For me this was an amazing opportunity.”

Robert says GTC values the leadership and discipline traits instilled in his military service while giving him the ability to grow marketable skills. In his current position he handles procurement, warehousing, deliveries and supply chain management.

He encourages fellow veterans to apply at GTC “because you never know what opportunities are available to you. GTC is an extremely vet-friendly environment.”

He says, “I have been here six years and plan on staying because the growth and opportunity is here. We took a chance on each other, and it paid off.”

LaToya Wilson
U.S. Army | Warehouse Supervisor

“I was in the Unit Supply Service in the U.S. Army so my skills transferred well to my current position. The military instills certain attitudes and habits in you that work well here, such as punctuality. Work as a team, and remember you are only as strong as your weakest link. Keep a positive attitude and be resilient. Be the best person you can be. Overall GTC is a pretty great place. I would recommend GTC to other vets, because it’s a good home to land in.”

Darien White
U.S. Army | Warehouse Materials Department

“I have been at GTC over ten years and working in the military helped me in my role here by instilling personal discipline and a strong work ethic. I was a transport specialist in the U.S. Army, which was quite an experience. My favorite part of my job at GTC is interacting with my co-workers. It’s the people here that make it special.”

Roque Garcia
U.S. Army | Assistant Facility Manager

“I was in the U.S. Army for twenty-three years and was a mechanic for Black Hawk helicopters. I retired as a First Sergeant. After ten months of retirement, I saw a position that looked interesting at GTC, so I sent in my resume and was contacted immediately. It was my first ever job interview. Then I came in to meet the plant manager, and I was really pleased with the whole experience. I started here in October 2022. This was a new environment for my skills, but it’s easy to relate because it’s all essentially problem-solving skills.”

Roque says, “There are vets in many departments here. We think alike and share values of loyalty, duty, personal courage and the ‘never quit’ ethic. Together there is no problem we can’t tackle.”

Career Opportunities

Because they are a large manufacturing facility, GTC is always accepting applications. Their pay scale is very competitive with overtime usually available. All positions are full time.

GTC attributes its success in attracting and retaining employees in part to their advanced training program, which includes both classroom and hands-on training. They offer many benefits, including FSA (flexible savings accounts), family medical care benefits, and 401K. The plant’s location is an easy commute for most area residents.

With their very competitive options—location, benefits, hourly pay—GTC is a great place to make a career and have the opportunity for promotion from within the growing company.

Bright Future at GTC

VTC is pleased to announce they have manufactured their largest transformer to date: a remarkable 345 MVA transformer for the renewables market. The liquid-filled step-up unit is more than 36 feet long, 25 feet high, 22 feet wide, and weighs more than 542,000 pounds. Produced at the GTC facility, this huge achievement is a testament to the exceptional capabilities and dedication of the Renewables team.

The colossal 345 MVA transformer further establishes GTC as the leader in securing reliable power to the renewables market and is yet another example of VTC’s commitment to enabling U.S. manufacturing and increasing the resiliency and reliability of the U.S. electric grid.

VTC-GTC has many goals for the future. They will:

• continue to train their workforce and further reduce lead times.

• pursue growth for all employees as they grow in new markets.

• create more jobs for American workers.

Most importantly, they will do all of this with a specific focus to improve customer experience and overall customer service. U.S. power demand continues to grow, and they will grow with it.