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Dr. Miller Bargeron Jr. The Journey of a Successful Dreamer

Dr. Miller Bargeron Jr.
The Journey of a Successful Dreamer

Story by Katrice Williams
Photography by Erich Perez


“I still consider myself as a work in progress,” states Dr. Miller Bargeron, Jr., accomplished speaker, filmmaker, author, certified human behaviorist and mindset integration specialist. Miller and his wife Vikke have called Guyton home for some time now; the Savannah natives are the proud parents of three daughters: Kearsetyn, 23, Kennedy, 19 and  Kerringtyn, 14.

The Journey

Miller’s phenomenal journey began many years ago while attending Beach High School. There, he developed an interest in public speaking under the mentorship of his football coach Charlie Smith, who served as an inspiration for the young man on and off the field.

“He pushed me to another level. He not only taught me football techniques and strategies; he challenged me. He led me on a journey of transformation. He was like a second father to me, and we’re good friends until this day,” Miller states.

Coach Smith turned the school’s entire football program around; he led the team to a 1988 championship with Miller as team captain. Moreover, Coach Smith encouraged Miller, a relatively shy kid, to speak at team engagements, including football banquets. Such experiences played a part in shaping Miller into the notable speaker he would become.

“That was the start of me coming out of my shell. That’s one of the main things I do for a living now. It’s nothing for me to do an impromptu speech,” he says.

Miller later attended Savannah State College, where he was privileged to meet Mrs. Swannie Richards during his freshman year. She initially served as Miller’s typing instructor; Mrs. Richards—like Coach Smith—became a strong mentor in his life, enlightening Miller on a lot of good business policies and principles while helping him prepare for life as a professional. She assisted Miller in obtaining a cooperative education (co-op) opportunity with the Social Security Administration during his junior year; he retired from the organization in 2021 following 30 years of successful service.        

Miller recalls having little interest in reading earlier on in his life; he prayed that God would give him a true reading spirit. Thereafter, a lot changed. 

“Everything shifted. To this day, I may read two or three books at the same time, whether Biblical, historical or inter-behavioral text, in order to sharpen the skills that I have,” he states.

Miller had always been a gifted writer. He co-authored his first book in 1995: To Redeem a Generation: African-American Male Crisis.

After graduating from college, Miller enjoyed being a member of the New Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church, where he met Dr. Norris Darden, Jr. Under the mentorship of Dr. Darden, Miller began delving into studies in theology. Dr. Darden asked Miller to lead the church’s media ministry. Though Miller had little knowledge in that arena, he embraced the challenge. He became proficient in various forms of media—training videos, promotional videos and commercials.

“I found out that I had a gift for directing, producing and writing. I had the ability to do all of that. I would write church commercial scripts and produce certain elements,” he says.

Miller appreciates all the mentors that have enriched his life over the years.

“It was the favor of the Lord; God had His Hand on me the whole time as I stepped out in faith. At every level, God brought a mentor into my life,” Miller says.


Around that time, Miller met Arcelious “SiSi” Daniels, former lead guitarist for the group Sly and the Family Stone. SiSi had a true knack for editing and shooting for productions. The two decided to become business partners, alongside their wives (Vikke and SiSi’s wife Terri Daniels). They launched their first production company, Native Sun Productions, in the late 1990s. The company produced various training videos, television commercials and corporate promotional videos. Under Native Sun, Miller produced many short and long-form videos. However, he aspired to produce documentary films; he eventually did produce one: “Stubborn as a Mule.” The film’s goal was to “serve as a vehicle to repair the damage done in the Civil War and slavery era” by shining a light upon the reality of it all.

“We wanted to do something impactful … to have an honest conversation. We took a glance at history going back to the U.S. Civil War,” he states. The full-length film features several well-known personalities and takes viewers on a journey that details the severe challenges faced by many African-Americans throughout history.

Prior to the release of the documentary, Miller and SiSi had been asked to participate in a Q&A segment for the Black Policy Conference at Harvard University, where the keynote speaker was Debra Lee, former CEO of the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Network. The panel was moderated by Armstrong Williams, a South Carolina native and strong voice in U.S. politics who has strived to incorporate conservative principles and values into politically-based debates.

After gaining a distribution deal in 2010, “Stubborn as a Mule” was entered into various film festivals around the world. The documentary won several awards, including: Best Diaspora Documentary at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Nigeria (2011); Best International Film for the Music Screen Awards in Birmingham, United Kingdom (2010); Best Film on Matters Relating to the Black Experience at the Black International Cinema in Berlin, Germany (2010); Award of Merit - Short Documentary for the Accolade Competition in the U.S. (2010).

“We were screened at 15 film festivals around the world,” Miller says. Miller, alongside his wife Vikke, eventually discontinued Native Sun Productions and launched We Came to Conquer Entertainment, LLC.

Miller had the opportunity to meet the late Larry “Gator” Rivers, former Harlem Globetrotter who also graduated from Beach High School. Rivers had learned of the success of “Stubborn as a Mule,” and he wanted to work with Miller on a documentary about Beach High School.

“That began our journey,” Miller says. The two began filming “A Legacy Forgotten: Blue and Gold Pride” in early 2011. The documentary touches upon the legacy of Beach High School, a school established in 1867 during the Reconstruction Era. Various male athletes who attended the school from the 1930s-1960s were interviewed. The piece, which is still in production, highlights several well-known African-Americans who graduated from the school. Being renamed “Surviving Change: The Evolution of a Reconstruction Era African-American High School,” the documentary examines how the school survived various social and economic challenges, the impacts of the Freedmen's Bureau along with the school’s educational transitions during various periods, such as the Industrial Revolution or Jim Crow Era. 

Speaker, Author, Publisher, Coach

In 2020, Miller wrote his second book: Journey of a Successful Dreamer, which was largely inspired by a speech Miller gave in Dumas, Arkansas at a Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration. Miller then wrote Journey of a Successful Dreamer Journal that takes its readers through the dream-fulfilling process detailed in the book. Miller self-published the book and journal after creating his own publishing company, Scribe Tree Publishing, with Vikke.

Miller is an executive coach and trainer who has developed core leadership teachings for businesses: “The UNcommon Leader” and “Arrow-Dynamic Leadership.” Miller aids professionals in areas of leadership development and organizational culture development. He, too, is a certified human behaviorist; he offers professional training that utilizes the concepts of understanding human behavior and personality.

Mindset Integration (MI) Global

Miller, a mindset integration specialist, is managing partner and co-founder with Vikke of MI Global, a consulting, training and coaching company.

“Mindset integration is a process of introducing innovative and enhanced knowledge to an individual’s thought process. MI Global helps individuals and organizations achieve greater levels of efficiency, productivity and profitability through human behavior-based personal, professional and organizational development.” MI Global provides beneficial leadership training in numerous areas, including: team building, communication skills and relationship building, to name a few.

Accomplishment Snapshot

Along with obtaining various degrees, including a Doctorate in Christian Leadership and Management, Miller has earned numerous honors: World Peace Ambassador and Global Leadership Award from iChange Nations, Honorary Doctor of Arts & Entertainment from United Graduate College and Seminary International, Savannah Black Heritage Festival Honoree and several other distinctions.

 Miller is excited to complete his next book: The UNcommon Leader’s Perspective: The Foundational Dynamics of Creating Compliant Organizational Culture.


“I would definitely credit all my success to my faith in God,” he says.

Miller is thankful for Vikke; he is convinced that he would not be where he is today without her love, support and encouragement throughout his journey.

Long ago, Miller realized a deeper calling in his life. Over the past 25 years, he has served in a variety of leadership roles in ministry. He was ordained as a minister in 2013 and commissioned as an apostle in 2015. Further, Miller and Vikke established Kingdom Bible Equipping and Training (KBET), a virtual Bible study group.

Miller Bargeron, Jr. is looking forward to bright days ahead. This successful dreamer’s journey is far from over.  ■

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