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Melissa McBride Stille of Stille-DeWitt Health Brokerage, LLC

Melissa McBride Stille of Stille-DeWitt Health Brokerage, LLC


Providers - Deductions - HMO-PPO - Medicaid - Medicare - CHIP - Premiums


You may not know what any of these terms mean but there is someone who does—licensed insurance agent and health care broker Melissa McBride Stille. With over 15 years in the health insurance industry, she is your best ally in obtaining health insurance that works best for you and your family.

“There is a lot of information out there and it can be confusing,” says Melissa. “As your local agent, together, we can look at your needs and simplify the process of signing up for health insurance.” 

Because she is local, Melissa has a true understanding of her community. And being local means she can get to know you and be available for face-to-face interactions. You can meet in person, get answers via text, send her an email that gets answered quickly- whatever works for you. Try doing that at a big company with an 800 number! You never have to yell “Customer Service” into the phone because the person who picks it up is Melissa!

Melissa now has two office locations to better serve her clients. “I am opening up a second location on Laurel St, the main street that runs through Springfield, which will be my second office in Effingham County. My Rincon office is inside of DeWitt Insurance Agency, which is where I originally purchased the health insurance department to become owner of my own agency.” says Melissa. Both locations are by appointment only at this time. “Once both offices are fully operational, I will be at the new Springfield location on designated days and at the Rincon office on others, in addition to working from home.”

Health insurance is both vitally important and complex. As your agent, Melissa will explain the basic components of health insurance such as premiums, deductibles, policy limits, exclusions etc. All of these greatly impact both your care and the cost.

As your agent, Melissa:

• takes the time to understand your needs.

• Works with you directly, one on one.

• Provides services free of charge to you.

• Provides personalized recommendations.

• Help you enroll in qualified health programs.

• Reviews your health plan annually.

When comparing plans, even with the same insurance company, there is a lot to consider such as deductibles, premiums, provider networks, and the difference between HMOs and PPOs. Another important issue is prescription coverage, which varies widely from plan to plan. Melissa states, “I know many clients are understandably concerned with cost but the best insurance for you is not necessarily the cheapest. When we look at plans together, we will consider all the costs related to the insurance, as well as what you are actually getting for your money.”

Melissa says it is important to prepare ahead of time for any life changes that affect your health insurance, such as retirement. “Don’t wait to start! You need to prepare three months in advance for life/insurance changes. Contact me and we can go over the timeline, so you are ready at the right time.” The same goes for open marketplace deadlines- call Melissa and get on track in advance.

Melissa gives every client her cell number - it is even in all of her advertising so that everyone, even future clients, can feel comfortable reaching out to her. She lives locally, now with two offices in Effingham County, but for the quickest response give her a call on her cell 912-239-7119.

“Being an independent health insurance broker means I work for you- the client. I look forward to getting your call and helping you determine your best health care options.”

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Cell (912) 239-7119  |
[email protected]